14th storey and counting

Updates on my new flat:

28th June

Currently at 12th storey

Progress seems to have slowed down, supposed to be at 13th storey this month based on 1 storey completion every 2 weeks. Fellow neighbors speculate the slow progress due to haze. On another note, those completed blocks have started on painting!

26th July

Currently at 14th storey

Progress has slowed down, i guess it’s going to be 1 storey completion every month instead.

One of the block had their internal paintings completed, that’s really fast! Some of our neighbors are already starting to look for ID/Contractors for the renovation and exchanging quotation prices. *gasps*

We’re also finally “seen” on the map. Heard that there’s a bus stop right at our block, i hope it’s true, it will be soo convenient!

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