2012 Resolutions Review

To recap, below are the list of resolutions for 2012

1) Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit

I actually had my first booth during May and second booth during Dec at Scape Level 4, earned more than $100 for both booths combined. I’m determined to carry on this flea next year as well as it gives me the chance to clear away my pre-loved clothes and purchase new ones!

2) Save up for 2013 lasik surgery (est. 5K)

Sad to say, i did not managed to save 5K this year 🙁

3) Travel to Bangkok with family (est. 2K)

First overseas holiday trip with the family, money well spent!

4) Launch website portal

After years of procrastination, Love and I managed to set up our own portal – Love At Sg, we hope we’ll have the determination to carry on our initiatives and be able to help like-minded couples in Singapore in a way or another.

5) Complete at least 5 books

I’m guilty of this resolution. If you say books, I definitely have bought 5 (or maybe more) but if you say read, I have only managed to complete 1. :X I’m restricting myself from purchasing anymore books until i have completed them. That’s hard as well okay. >.<

6) Provide family allowance of at least $250/month (est. 3K/yr)

I’m providing more than 2 times of the stated amount. Which is sort of linked to why i did not managed to meet my second resolution. :X

7) Personal + Parent’s health checkup
8) Flu Vaccine for family
9) Complete Hepatitis A vaccine course

Out of the 3 health resolutions, i only managed to complete one. But i did managed to start the course of cervical jab, which i’ll talk more about in another post.

5 out of 9 resolutions completed for year 2012. Not an impressive score but at least it did get my butt out to accomplish something. Maybe I shouldn’t be too greedy for 2013’s resolution list.

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