2013 Resolutions

After reviewing my 2012 resolutions, I have a better idea of how to construct my 2013 resolutions. Less is more.

Here are some items which i hope to complete by end of the year:

1) Save 5K and to use it for taking up self improvement courses

If you have known, Love and I are working in the IT industry, so we are more technically inclined and ever since we started Love At Sg, designing is always our headache. So i’ll be exploring to attend some Adobe courses like Photoshop & Illustrator for a start.

Personally i’m interested in photography and since we have just bought the Olympus PEN mini, i think i should make full use of it’s functions by attending some basic photography course.

2) Start investing

That’s the only way (for me currently) to earn money at a faster rate. Enough said.

3) Taiwan trip with family (est. 6K)

Super looking forward to this trip, i’m sure my family members will love Taiwan as I do!

4) Personal & Parent’s health checkup

I’ve been postponing this health checkup for the longest time and i think it’s critical. Prevention is better than cure.

Can’t think of any more now, but if there’s any i’ll be back to fill them up. I’m going to keep the list to 5 or 6 max.

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