Steph’s Birthday

Met up with the girls after work to have a simple birthday celebration for Steph.

Settled our dinner at some Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese restaurant in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

I ordered one of their star dish – Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, which looks like Omelette rice, but sadly, it doesn’t suit my 重口味, only their Gyoza is nice enough.

The girls were talking about heading to Canele for it’s Macaroon after the meal but they didn’t know that I’ve bought the macaroons beforehand for Steph as birthday “cake”!

Gave Marimo (幸福草) as presents to both Steph & Jas whose birthday falls exactly one week after.



Some caring tips for Marimo


Twinny’s Birthday @ Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant

Honored that Twinny saved her actual birthday to meet us for a simple celebration! The birthday girl wanted to have Korea food for dinner, so we decided on the highly raved Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant at Amara Hotel. The seats weren’t really alot and we spotted quite a few Korean and Japanese dining there, so the food could be really authentic!

As usual there are plates of small side dishes to start with and some are not that commonly seen in other Korea restaurants that I’ve eaten like the cold kimchi soup, my first time eating it and loved it, refreshing and cooling, it’s like a more watery version of kimchi. The kimchi pancakes was also one of my favorite and we did ordered another main pancake dish which was equally good. Btw, if you are curious, all side dishes are free flow, just tell the waitress which one you would like to refill.

We also ordered Kimchi toufu soup and Dokbokki, Korea rice cake (Steph’s favorite).

The dishes were all pretty pricey i would say, especially the meat. The main aim of coming was BBQ, but it seems like the meat was too expensive to order.

Therefore, we only ordered two different types of meat – Gochujang-Samgyeopsal, spicy bbq sliced pork belly ($24 for 200g) which was only 4 slices and Doaeji-Bulgogi, marinated bbq pork ($22 for 200g) above picture for rough gauge. The meat was cooked in front of us by the waitress , so we didn’t managed to BBQ them ourselves, but of course the meat was nicely cooked and the marinated sauces made the meat really delicious. How i wish the meat weren’t so pricy so we could order more, but still, with all the other dishes and side dishes, we were full enough.

Happy Birthday Twinny! Welcome to the mid twenties club.

Each of us paid $30 for the bill, which was quite acceptable for Korea food. Don’t forget to pose for a photo with the gigantic drum at the entrance of the restaurant!

Hua Yu Wee

Love’s family celebrated Love’s pre-birthday dinner at Hua Yu Wee. Love and I did not know of this place until Love’s dad drove us to this place.

The place reminds us of Malaysia’s style of “sze char”, it’s divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned seating. That day was raining heavily and yet there are still many customers, i can’t imagine how packed the place would be on good weathers.

One interesting observation: The waitresses are wearing SIA stewardess style uniform, even aunties.

Surprisingly, one of the best dish, only slightly oily, but the taste is good.

The mee sua could be mistaken for bee hoon from the onset, we even asked the waitress to verify if they have mistaken the order.

Most people come for their seafood and the chilli crab did not disappoint. The sauce is good, not sweet based. Crabs are very big and with lots of meat as well.

Deep Fried Buns are also our favorite! I’ll probably bring my family next time for their crabs!

24th Birthday

Birthday celebrations were spread into different groups of important people of my life.

First was celebration for the Oct babies with the Batam gang.

Birthday lunch with the team, everyone came! *loved* Thanks for the treat!

Birthday dinner & chill with the girls, yj and Love.

Awesome night ever. We chatted from 7pm till almost 2am when the bar closes.

Korean BBQ which i had been craving for, with the cliques! Thanks for the treat!

I know i’m suaku, but i thought they gave us so big bottle of oil for the BBQ, which turns out to be green tea for drinking. LOL!

When the food came, everyone was busy taking photos

Just eating the side dishes is enough to fill the stomach

not forgetting to camwhore wherever we go

ok, one last photo

Lastly, simple dinner at Nandos with Dearie and thank you for the surprise present!

I wish every year’s birthday is spent just like this, together with my close ones, i’ll be more than happy!

Happy Birthday Mr. LTT

Had a celebration for the October babies the night before Love’s birthday.

6 people, 4 are Oct babies haha! The two guys bought ice-cream cake for us!

One corner for each.

On the morning of Love’s birthday, i had a Kayaking activity with my team, since i was the one who organized, i had to attend and only that day, everyone was available.

So, i arranged for a surprise delivery of birthday cupcake for Love while i was out kayaking!

It was a customized design, i had to secretly use Love’s android phone to access the application “Androidify”, design the character to make it look like him (mountain spike hair) and send it to myself.

I was lucky that Sweet Perfection is able to accommodate to my customized design and able to deliver the cupcakes in time as i tried to enquire other online bakery, they are mostly fully booked or do not accept customized design.

Dinner was a simple celebration with Love’s family.

I planned for a birthday brunch treat on the next day at Paulaner Brauhaus.

Visited this place quite a couple of times, i really like the atmosphere of the place, especially the upper floors for dining.

and since Beer is Love’s love, i brought him to try out the self-brewed German beers.
Although price is on the high side, but i do recommend that you head for their Sunday buffet brunch with free flow of beer and unlimited supply of my favorite crispy pork knuckle and sausages!

You can just spend the whole afternoon slacking, eating, drinking and people watching.

Ending off the post with a picture of the birthday boy!