Rainie Yang’s Love Voyage Concert 2013

Thanks Steph for reserving her free tickets to us! Didn’t thought that i would attend Rainie’s concert although i like quite a number of her songs and watched her dramas.

Both Twinny and I were puzzled why no light sticks were sold during the concert, but we figured out a more cost saving way – download the free light sticks app on our phone and voila! We waved our phones throughout the whole concert, sadly, the crowd among us are not that enthusiastic, we can’t behave like some mad fans.

Bedok 85 after the concert and i swear something’s wrong with one of the dishes we ordered, i diarrhea-d the entire next two days. >.<

杜拉拉升职记 Go La La Go!

I think there are a few versions of this 杜拉拉升职记, the version i watched was the movie version starring Karen Mok and Stanley.

There’s also another drama series version which Channel U is showing on, but the story line is slightly different and a different cast of actors.
View the drama series here http://tv.sohu.com/s2011/dulala/

Personally, after watching the first few minutes of both versions, i felt that the movie version is nicer as it’s more down to earth realistic, while the drama series is more exaggerated, but story line is still practical. Therefore, i continued to finish up the movie version, probably when i have more time, i’ll watch the drama series.

It’s a real life story about a woman, LaLa in her late twenties who finally manages to land a job as a lowly secretary in the sales department of a prestigious international firm. Hard working, dedicated, and overflowing with ideas and energy, she quickly catches the eye of her superiors, in particular that of sales director. Lala’s efforts pay off as she rises quickly up the corporate ladder, and even manages to win the notoriously tough and grumpy man’s heart in the process.

You must be thinking “It’s another love drama again”, but to me, it’s more than just a love story. It’s the real life working experience which us (young working adults) are facing these days, office politics and survival skills.

Few interesting points:

Consider each company’s advantages, disadvantages, reputation, risk. Analyze them and bring me the final decision. Don’t give me these unprocessed files.
— This sentence was said by the boss to her employee when the employee just compiled a list of contractors for her. When i heard this, i was like woah! 一针见血 Salute! Sometimes you really need to tell your people bluntly for them to learn, they might hate you, but i believe this is the way to make them grow.

玫瑰 (boss of LaLa) 虽然严厉,但她是一个好老板,好老板的标志就是能从她身上学到东西。而好员工的标志就是——和领导保持高度。
When scolded by your boss, it’s ok. Learn to disinguish his/her needs and what decisions require your full completion.
— yeah, it all boils down to the attitude and positivity of you.

How to keep the boss appreciating you? You can’t just work effectively, but also must show your potential. If you don’t work hard, you’ll get nowhere. If you do work hard and don’t show your talents, you’ll still get nowhere.
— i totally agree on this, still trying hard on “showing your talents” part, which i hate. >.<

P/S: copied these from here, although the English translation doesn’t really translate exactly, but the rough meaning is there and i’m too lazy to translate in my own words =X


犀利人妻 The Fierce Wife Final Episode

When it comes to a Chinese movie, usually i would give it a miss as it’s usually not as worth as watching movies like The Avengers or something where we go for the sound and advanced technology effects. However, this time is exceptional, i even asked my girl friends if they are keen to watch with me as i know Love would not be really interested, moreover, this movie would be more appreciated if you have watched the drama series.

Surprisingly Jas and Steph have watched the drama series and are both interested to watch the final episode movie as well! We decided to catch the movie on Monday after work at Jurong Point. Had a quick dinner at Mos Burger before the movie starts.

I would recommend that you watch the drama series before you head down to watch the movie, but do be fast to watch finish before the movie is brought down.

The movie didn’t really disappoint, some emotional scenes and really funny ones, a good and happy ending which i think most of the girls would hope it would end it that way.

and did i say Sonia Sui is really pretty?

I think it’s the first time the girls meet on a Monday after work to watch a movie, definitely beats the monday blues with the awesome movie.

"經過這段旅程 我終於明白 戀愛沒有保鮮期 婚姻也沒有保固期 但是 這不代表 我們不能把握當下的幸福 原來 只要張開雙手 就能擁抱天空喔"– 犀利人妻

Colleagues Farewell @ Shuffle

It was one of my clique’s last day in the company, never knew our separation would be that fast but well, i think i have come realization that there’s no such thing as forever colleagues.

we decided to travel back to the past where the old and happy memories were…Ghim Moh Market Food Centre! Our usual lunch venue when our offices were at Science Park I previously.
Listing our top favorite dishes:
1) Dong Feng Fa Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
2) Teochew Porridge
3) Carrot Cake (Black & White)
4) Ah Balling Peanut Soup
5) Vegetarian 米粉
6) Dry Mee Hoon Kuei
and don’t forget to order a glass of sugar cane juice!

Bought a farewell present for Zhu Ma, hope she likes it, haha purposely wrapped it in Barbie Doll wrapping paper to give her the false impression that i’m giving her a Barbie Doll, almost freaked her out.

Albums of photo memories… it’s really interesting to look back at all our photos and reminiscence the good o’ times although with a tinge of sadness that we used to be so young, and carefree with lesser responsibilities and worries.

ang bao from the rest of the colleagues

Zhu ma being 强吻

We had dinner at 313 The Hand Burger, we were a big bunch and stayed there for a pretty long time, was glad that the staffs did not chase us out even though there’s a long queue outside =X sorry for those who are waiting patiently outside.

The mushroom soup was pretty good, pretty thick with generous amount of mushroom bites. Burgers were huge, tasted average.

Flipping through the photos, there were some pretty amusing ones.

Took a bus over to clarke quay and decided to chill on Shuffle.

Shuffle was really packed on a Friday night, we didn’t made any reservations, so we had to wait outside, luckily they have tables and chairs for us to rest while waiting.

Ordered a tower of beer first while waiting for our table

and the real celebration begins…order another tower of beer with another four buckets of beer.

so does this mean i look cheena? lol

A group photo for the night!

The two colleagues who left the company this week 🙁

All the best in both of your future endeavors!

Girls night out @ Shuffle

Most of the time, when the four of us meet up, we would schedule a date but this day was pretty impromptu, we were whatsapping in group chat and just decided to meet up at night for a chill.

Went to Shuffle at Clark Quay. The previous time i went, wasn’t that crowded, probably that was on a weekday, but i was pretty amazed that it’s pretty crowded on weekends.

Ordered a bucket of Lychee Beer, my current favorite beer.

First time trying Truffle fries, i had been wanting to try it but didn’t get the chance, and i’m loving it! We also ordered a roasted duck pizza, the only disappointment was that they do not offer half/half combination where we can order two different pizza flavors.

It was a full house, luckily we came a little earlier.

The band was pretty good that night, awesome impromptu night out!

Hand-picked seashell from Maldives by Twinny, look at how white the shell is!