Team Kayaking

You see that kayak?

No, the one right at the very back, highly possible you will spot me in that.
Organized a Kayaking session for the team since it’s been long since our last team activity and it was just $38 per pax from All Deals Asia.

It was everyone’s first experience and together with some other participants, the instructor brief us on how to kayak before we head straight to the Kallang River.
I swear after 10 minutes of Kayaking, my arms were aching already! No kidding! In the end, i resort to waddle using my arms instead of the paddle, very unglam, but desperate times comes desperate moves, especially when our Kayak is way far behind others. My poor partner, Janet, who is smaller built than me had to suffer with this physically weak woman. LOL!

I seriously can’t believe on how i managed to complete the whole course. (through Kallang River, to Sheares Bridge, the Singapore Flyer, and finally, the Marina Barrage AND kayak all the way back!) OMG, why did i even sign the team up for this torturing activity? LOL!

Nevertheless, i’m really proud of our team members full support, full attendance and every one of us managed to complete the course, takes alot of determination and strength!

I bet you can see how tired we were from our shagged faces.

Master Crab & Teo Heng

Still one of my favorite salted egg crab place, Master Crab.

My first time visit to Teo Heng KTV @ NUS Alumni, not a bad place for cheap KTVs as the rates are by room instead of per pax.

Drinks are self-service and not included in package. I like it that there’s not much service provided, you know the awkward moment when you’re singing and the waiter knocks on the door and come in.
Songs are pretty updated. (Both English and Chinese)

In the past, i used to frequent KBOX often, but ever since they kept raising the charges, i seldom visit KBOX anymore, now i found an alternative and would definitely visit Teo Heng again for it’s cheap rates!


Drinking session with Love’s ex and current colleagues. Most of the time we meet up, there’s bound to be beers/liquors and this time round, they ordered 2 towers of beer and one bottle of Chivas. Since the ladies don’t really drink (we go there just to sing), it’s just the 5 guys that bottoms up!

The bad part about such KTV Pub is that one table entitles to sing 2 songs and after that we’ll have to wait for all table’s turn (some tables they dedicated the song but has already left, but the songs were still played! waste our time only -_-) It isn’t really a place to satisfy your singing craves.

Towards the end of the session, i think the guys were almost there, look at their face! LOL!

The next morning, Love told me that he didn’t remember the later parts of that night, he didn’t know that photos were taken and how he actually went back home -_-


The Batam cliques decided to have a mini birthday celebration for Bryan at Esplanade’s Barossa.

Barossa has this interesting concept of “beer sample tasting” of the different range of beer they sell before customer decides on which to get.

They gave generous amounts of beer for sample with a chart explaining each beer contents.
But i guess the cliques is not really used to new flavors of beer, they decided to stick to their “usual”.

Heineken and Tiger beer. LOL

Us with the birthday boy
The service was extremely bad, we ordered for our main dishes and waited for almost half an hour, the waiter got the wrong orders between ours and the table infront of us.

Then slowly, one main dish start to appear

and the rest came even later. We even resort to get their Manager after informing different waiter of the long waiting time for our main dishes.

My order was this Pork Belly. The portion was very small, tasted great at first, but it gets really salty that i couldn’t get myself to finish it up. Some rice or pasta would be great.

Then i ordered a dessert and we still have to wait for like 15 mins for it, almost wanted to cancel the order.
We requested for a waive of service charge as we were not pleased with the service and the Manager was kind enough to void it.

The night was still young, we decided to head to Play Nation for some board games before we call it a day!
Oh yes, happy birthday Bryan!


If you have not know, Shaw Theaters (Lido) had recently undergone a major S$20 million facelift and now it’s equipped with the first IMAX digital technology in Singapore.
Being moviegoers, Love and I decided to watch the movie blockbuster, Transformers at Lido to experience the IMAX 3D!

What’s movie without popcorns? But we smuggled in the Garrett popcorn, definitely beat the theaters’ in-house popcorn hands down.

Wearing our 3D glasses.

The experience: I would give a 6/10 rating.

Firstly, the seats are not very comfortable, although it says “foldable Figueras Megaseats from Spain” but i think because it’s sort of leather material, so it does not give a very warm and cozy feeling.

Secondly, the 3D glasses keeps sliding down (probably i do not have high nose bridge too), so most of the time i have to keep my hands on the glasses while watching the movie to prevent it from sliding.

Thirdly, probably because our seats were quite in-front, so the whole 3D thing makes us really feel like we’re inside the scenes which is good, but for fast scenes, the eyes could not view the entire scene fast enough which causes them to be strained to catch the whole scene fast and it just makes me very dizzy.

I would still visit the IMAX, but probably not going for 3D anymore.