Goodwood Park Hotel – Cafe L’Espresso

I was on leave and coincidentally my parents were at home. Therefore i decided to bring them out to enjoy high-tea together since the weather is unbearably hot and we couldn’t really stay put at home.

Decided on Goodwood Park’s Cafe L’Espresso as it’s highly raved and the location is also quite convenient.

I called to make a reservation but only outdoor seating were available, indoor seating were fully reserved. The staff assured that we will be put on the waiting list and when there’s an indoor seat available, they’ll get us in. I agreed to it since they said that there’re fans outside, so i guess it might bearable for at least half an hour or so.

When we reached, i totally regret my decision, the weather was freaking hot and we can’t even be outdoor for more than 5 minutes. We just kept going indoor and slowly pick our food selection while enjoying the air-con. I even told the staffs twice to keep a lookout of indoor seats for us and luckily the staffs there were very understanding of the situation and quickly managed to get an indoor seat for us.

We were so glad to get the indoor seating, without that, i guess my stay would not be so pleasant and we would just hurry off after eating rather than sitting down and enjoying the high-tea buffet. Now, with comfortable seating and cooling environment with delectable foods, that’s what i call enjoyment. LOL!

Spot the expensive goose liver and caviar!

I love the tableware, just seems so elegant with a tinge of posh. My parents were pleased with the food, in particular the fruits served, the strawberries were very sweet! Although variety wise it’s limited, but i like the way they put in effort in making each of the dishes. I would rather have limited variety but every dish was made to bring out it’s best than having a wide variety and all the dishes were prepared in a hurry.

Each of us have two servings of drinks, we were so full that we couldn’t bring ourselves to order the second round of drinks, they do have quite a few selections of teas.

This is definitely a pleasant experience with L’Espresso and i had a good parents-daughter session with my parents, such occasions are difficult to find, enjoying and relaxing on a weekday with your parents. I hope there’s more such high-tea sessions with them.

No Signboard Seafood

My family has been on a crab feast recently, it’s the third time we’re having crabs in 1 month!

This time round was my dad’s treat as he won some money from the casino together with my grandma and relatives. We went to No Signboard Seafood, Geylang branch. My dad keeps raving about the crabs over there.

I only managed to take photo of two dishes as i was busy eating.

Cereal prawns

My favorite salted egg crab, the way they cook the salted egg is the nicest i’ve ever ate.

Dishes generally tasted delicious, would go back there again someday, but definitely not anytime soon else everyone in the family cholesterol level is gonna be too high!

Mellben Seafood

I guess if you mention “Famous Ang Mo Kio Crab” to any Singaporean, they would definitely know it’s MellBen. Being the crab lover family, Love and I brought my family to give it a try. Around the vicinity, there are actually quite a few other coffee shops selling crabs, we almost got into a pirate ship. Remember to look at the signboard!

By the time we reached, around 7pm, there was already a long queue ahead of us. We were supposed to place our order while queuing up.

It took us almost 2 hours to get a seat with the dishes served!

Singapore’s famous Chilli Crab, the sauce is thick! I like!

Fried Bun which we never fail to order with Chilli Crab, to dip the sauce!

White Pepper Crab, Love’s first time eating it and he is hooked!

XO Bee Hoon Crab, this is one of the must try famous dish, the soup base is not bad

Verdict: I doubt i would go there ever again, firstly the location is quite far from my house, secondly, the wait is too long and the crab is not really such a wow that worth two hours of wait, probably just half an hour of wait will be much worth. Nevertheless, go try it if you have not!

Mellben Seafood
Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-1222

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh

My bro was enlisted into Army on 4th March and only able to book out 2 weeks later, exactly on his birthday 18th March.
I’ve been looking forward for my bro to get into NS because he would be forced to stop playing his computer games all night long and hopefully become more mature and sensible -_-

After sending my bro in for enlist, my dad and i went Chinatown for Yum Cha before heading for a walk at the newly opened Nex shopping center.
While searching for food to dabao back home for dinner, we chance upon this newly opened restaurant – Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh. Their opening seems grand as there’s lot of congratulatory florals displayed outside the restaurant, which i guess the owner must be of certain status.

My dad and i decided to check out the new place for our pack away dinner. The strange thing is, before you stepped in, the restaurant display photos of the dishes but not the price!

By the time we saw the exorbitant prices on the menu, we were already in the restaurant, it would be embarrassing if we would want to leave. Never mind about that we thought maybe the food is really nice and portion would be big, so should be worth the price? So we tried to order 3 different kinds of meat and to my amaze, they doesn’t serve salted veg? hmm

While waiting for our packed food, which was ridiculously long, we surveyed other table’s dishes, my dad and i were stunned by the small portion of meat served and we were praying that our packed food would be of a bigger portion which would at least justify the price. Our packed food finally came and a sigh of relief as the containers were at least larger than the portion of food served. I made my payment at the counter while my dad took the packed food.

While on the way out, my dad told me that the packed food seems very light and true enough, it seems like just the weight of the container and rice.
To our horror when we opened the container at home….

The meat was like only 1/4 of the container!!

We totally felt cheated! As you can see, the portion does not even cover 1/2 of the spoon!

This is seriously the first time i ever felt so angry over an unjustified meal. Although we ordered 3 portion + rice, but as compared to what outside stall sells, it’s only for 1 person portion even with the RICE can!! The rice is also ridiculously so small in portion and 1 packet cost $1.20!!

In the end, i headed out with <3 for dinner while my parents ate the bak kut teh which they said it’s not even nice! OMG!

Seriously, if you are considering having a hearty bak kut teh meal, please do not visit

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
Nex #B1-34/35

it’s daylight robbery! My worse encounter of a restaurant so far, please do not patronize unless you are not hungry and have some spare cash to spend.

CNY 2011

Chinese new year as usual, back to Malaysia for reunion dinner on my paternal and maternal side.
Sadly, this year’s reunion dinner grandma wasn’t able to join us as she’s wheelchair bound.
Every year i looked back my previous CNY post, it seems like grandma’s condition has been deteriorating…to a point where she’s suffering and just passing days to her very last breath. I really felt helpless.

Reunion dinner was at this Chinese restaurant, which i don’t find it pleasing in terms of the food and atmosphere.
Probably the smell of vinegar or what, the moment i stepped into the restaurant, the smell is yucks.

A photo with my cousin, i remembered he and another guy cousin used to dote and play with me when i was a little girl, but as we grow up, we become much distanced.

Me and the three sisters, we watch, play and grow up with each other 😉

It seems like time really changes people and everything.
When i recall back how CNY was celebrated when i was younger compared to the present, alot of things have changed.

I remembered playing with fireworks, heard firecrackers and chinese new year songs played at my grandma house, everyone is in a joyous mood, catching up with each other including adults and children but now it seems like everyone just went separate ways, instead of sleeping in, hanging around and gambling at my grandma house till midnight like it was back then, after the reunion dinner, everyone just went back to the hotel room to watch TV and sleep.

Perhaps children have now grown up and have their own circle of friends which they felt more bonded than cousins whom we see only once a year so everyone felt distanced. Well, i suppose this happens in most family in Singapore too? Everyone is busy leading their own circle of lives and only on occasions relatives get to come together.

One tradition our family never fails on every new year: Roasted suckling pig!

This is the only time i’m looking forward to, because everyone gathers around to eat and chit chat at the same time!

super love this pic, my cousins and the two naughty nephews! so cute!

2nd day of CNY is always traveling back to my maternal side.
I really prefer going to my maternal side, probably more cousins are around the same age as me so we hang out pretty well.

young cousins who make the house more lively

Princess Isabelle, never fails to pose for a photo

and the newest addition to the family – Prince Issac, busy watching TV. saw the scary eyes at the top left corner? naughty sister Isabelle trying to 抢镜头 LOL!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!