Valentine’s Day Dinner @ High Society

Purple bouquet of flowers delivered to my office. Most memorable – the china delivery man called and said he couldn’t locate my office building and asked me to come down to collect the bouquet. Love was very pissed and he thinks the delivery man deliberately did that so he could shorten the time and do more deliveries. Oh well…

We usually celebrate with a huge feast at some hotel buffet after work but since this year’s falls on a Thursday, we thought of feasting on Friday instead so we can spend the whole night away without worrying to work the next day. The plan after work was to meet up with my Malaysia cousins whom came to Singapore for CNY visit at MBS, but due to the rain, we were unable to meet up, therefore, Mr.LTT and I went to find dinner ourselves, settled at High Society.

I didn’t know they only serve Valentine’s Day meal and that set meal cost $145++! Unexpectedly, we spent our Valentine’s Day meal at High Society.

That’s not the end of the episode, we waited for nearly 2 hours for the entire course meal to be served and the waiter only told us that they are short of chefs in the kitchen in the middle of our wait. It’s like i thought it’s Valentine’s Day and you guys should know that people (or rather couples) will be dining out. What’s the point of offering a Valentine’s Day Course Meal when you are not prepared.

Well, when the bill came, we said we are not going to pay the 10% service charge. At least the saving grace was that they offered a discount and compensate with two complimentary cupcakes.

Reached home and saw this postcard in my mail! Love from Steph during her Taiwan trip!
It feels good so loved to receive handwritten cards, those are rare gems now. <3

IT Team Lunch @ Penang Place

It’s been pretty long since our last team gathering so we had a simple lunch to kick start the year.
Penang Place @ Fusionopolis was a good choice as it’s not too far from our office and it’s buffet style! The guys can eat to their hearts content.

Food were generally good, Penang Char Kway Teow was our favorite and it runs out fast, luckily the staffs were quick in replenishing the foods as well. Most importantly, the price is affordable at $22.90++ per pax.

Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

One of the latest craze for west-siders is to flock over to the newly opened food court in Jurong Point – Malaysia Boleh located at level 3, which sells authentic Malaysia’s Street Food.

Although the food court has been opened since a few months ago, but the crowd has not died off, this shows that the food must be somewhat edible.
The most challenging part? To find a seat in the tiny food court. You will at least need another person to ‘chope’ seats for you, else forget about eating in.

I love the longan drink, drank up all by myself leaving not a single drop for Love. haha! It contains pieces of longan meat as well, i like!

Malaysia’s Bak Kut Teh is different from Singapore’s heavily black peppered Bak Kut Teh and there are also much more ingredients such as mushrooms and dried bean curd.

Chicken rice was so-so, chicken meat was normal but the chicken rice is quite fragrant.

Prawn noodle’s soup was too thick IMO

My mum used to fry these “nian gao” together with sweet potato and yam during Chinese New Year! Brings back the nostalgic taste!

Generally the foods are worth trying, prices are normal food court prices ranging around $3 – $6.
If you are bored of the usual food court dishes, you may want to try this out! We will be back to explore more!

Twinny’s Birthday @ Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant

Honored that Twinny saved her actual birthday to meet us for a simple celebration! The birthday girl wanted to have Korea food for dinner, so we decided on the highly raved Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant at Amara Hotel. The seats weren’t really alot and we spotted quite a few Korean and Japanese dining there, so the food could be really authentic!

As usual there are plates of small side dishes to start with and some are not that commonly seen in other Korea restaurants that I’ve eaten like the cold kimchi soup, my first time eating it and loved it, refreshing and cooling, it’s like a more watery version of kimchi. The kimchi pancakes was also one of my favorite and we did ordered another main pancake dish which was equally good. Btw, if you are curious, all side dishes are free flow, just tell the waitress which one you would like to refill.

We also ordered Kimchi toufu soup and Dokbokki, Korea rice cake (Steph’s favorite).

The dishes were all pretty pricey i would say, especially the meat. The main aim of coming was BBQ, but it seems like the meat was too expensive to order.

Therefore, we only ordered two different types of meat – Gochujang-Samgyeopsal, spicy bbq sliced pork belly ($24 for 200g) which was only 4 slices and Doaeji-Bulgogi, marinated bbq pork ($22 for 200g) above picture for rough gauge. The meat was cooked in front of us by the waitress , so we didn’t managed to BBQ them ourselves, but of course the meat was nicely cooked and the marinated sauces made the meat really delicious. How i wish the meat weren’t so pricy so we could order more, but still, with all the other dishes and side dishes, we were full enough.

Happy Birthday Twinny! Welcome to the mid twenties club.

Each of us paid $30 for the bill, which was quite acceptable for Korea food. Don’t forget to pose for a photo with the gigantic drum at the entrance of the restaurant!

Uni Gathering @ Uncle Leong Seafood

The guys suggested a crab feast and so we decided on Uncle Leong Seafood at Punggol.

Our very first time there, the place was considered pretty ulu even the taxi uncle didn’t know that there’s such a happening place there, thanks to Google maps we didn’t get lost finding the place. The place gave us a laid back feeling, different from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are prawning and fishing activity, pubs and billiard/pool.

The guys ordered 4 different types of crabs and a few side dishes for a total of 6 of us, really a crab feast.

The Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (砂煲螃蟹米粉汤) is one of our favorite, for those who like thick milky broth, this is a must order.

Their signature dish – Shimmering Sand Crab Delight (金沙蟹), a thicker version of butter crab with oat toppings.

Crabs served at Uncle Leong are all really huge and succulent. If price is not an issue ($50/kg), you might probably want to try it out!

And as usual, booze is definitely a must for Uni gatherings, we spent the whole night away drinking and playing games at a pub nearby and wasted the next whole day sleeping our heads off.