Hua Yu Wee

Love’s family celebrated Love’s pre-birthday dinner at Hua Yu Wee. Love and I did not know of this place until Love’s dad drove us to this place.

The place reminds us of Malaysia’s style of “sze char”, it’s divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned seating. That day was raining heavily and yet there are still many customers, i can’t imagine how packed the place would be on good weathers.

One interesting observation: The waitresses are wearing SIA stewardess style uniform, even aunties.

Surprisingly, one of the best dish, only slightly oily, but the taste is good.

The mee sua could be mistaken for bee hoon from the onset, we even asked the waitress to verify if they have mistaken the order.

Most people come for their seafood and the chilli crab did not disappoint. The sauce is good, not sweet based. Crabs are very big and with lots of meat as well.

Deep Fried Buns are also our favorite! I’ll probably bring my family next time for their crabs!

[Food Review] Black Gold Cafe

Love knocked off late from work so we decided to settle our dinner nearby his office. Came across this cafe and decided to try out.
We ordered Set Dinner Menu B $48.00 nett– 4 course (with appetizer), btw, you can request for ala carte menu, don’t know why the service crew shows us their set menu only.

I don’t fancy bread roll with nuts, give me white bread and i would love it anytime – with salted butter. Yums.

Starter -Soup of the day (Creme of Mushroom) Very thick soup base, and lots of tiny mushroom bits, i drank up the soup in few seconds.

Appetizer – Half dozen Escargots stuffed in mushrooms served with garlic butter, although i don’t eat Escargots (in fact i don’t dare to try them, psychological barrier i guess), i actually thought this dish smells real nice, probably due to the mushrooms. Escargots were a tad small in size, probably because the shells were removed.

Main Course – Duck leg confit with apple sauce, served with pan fried potatoes & mushrooms. The first time i had Duck confit was at Orgo and i still prefer Orgo’s. This time round, the duck was slightly hard, difficult to chew and swallow.

Dessert – Warm chocolate pudding with lavender sauce & vanilla ice cream. I love warm chocolate pudding, however, doesn’t fancy lavender, without lavender, the dessert would be perfect.

Look at the oozing chocolate larva.. favorite part eating this.

Verdict: I don’t think i will step in again, although the service crew are nice, ambiance is good. But i wasn’t prepared to pay >$100 for a mediocre dinner for two at Tanjong Pagar.

Black Gold Cafe
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 081007
6226 0726

Gail’s Farewell

I didn’t know it was Gail’s last day in office until she came over to give me the farewell gifts. Aww another farewell again 🙁

But this time round it’s a good farewell, because she will be migrating over to US with her husband for 3 years and be an official tai tai, so lucky!

Managed to snap a photo with her in the office on her last day

Had a farewell dinner at Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant, the meat selection was pretty good, with pork belly, pork collar, kalbi pork, chicken, beef, kalbi beef, ribeye, beef belly. We love the meat there, thick and big piece. They also provide quite a wide spread of various kimchi and condiments like sauces and garlic, onion and green cut chilli, lettuce, tomatoes etc to add on the BBQ meats. Although foods were not replenished as fast and in small quantity, but we’re still ok with it. I would say it’s pretty worth it if you’re a meat eater haha!

All of us! Don’t know why we must lower down whenever taking photos haha!

Oh yes, if you have noticed, Love joined the farewell dinner too, because of the friendships we forged during the company incentive trip to Hawaii early this year, very memorable moments, hang loose!!

Have a safe trip and enjoy your tai tai life in US, Gail & James!

Medz @ Orchard Central

It was really a hectic day at work, back to back meetings for the whole day.
After work, i had to rush to Only Aesthetics at Singapore Shopping Centre for my fourth appointment.

My first appointment was on 21st July 2011, so calculating on two month interval basis, this month should be my seventh…okay, i missed two appointment after my third, partly due to my busy schedule (actually it’s more of lazy to travel down to Dhoby Ghaut as the past few months there wasn’t a need to head down to town), also partly because after the third appointment, my underarm’s hair growth was significantly slower (probably only need to shave once a week) and when it grows, it’s just very fine hair, removal was much easier too.

Well, then i made up my mind that i should overcome my laziness to head down Dhoby Ghaut and persevere to finish up the package since there’s significant results, i shouldn’t waste it.

I shall update the progress again, hopefully i don’t even need to shave after the next few treatments!

The process was always easy breezy, i usually just cater half an hour slot for the whole thing, including waiting time and treatment and viola, i’m done and ready to go for my next appointment. So after that, i walked over to Orchard Central to meet Love and the Batam gang for dinner at Medz

My second time visit, Marche concept which i don’t really like because we always have to keep safe of the cards, if we lost it, we’ll have to pay like $100? Limited food and drinks selection and it’s really expensive. I don’t even bear to buy a glass of drink when i’m really thirsty, cost at least $5 and above for a glass of fruit juice!

They do have an extensive range of beer around the world!

Spotted my favorite Taiwan lychee beer

and with the current promotion (any two label of beer for $24), it cost slightly cheaper than Shuffle.

and now you know why the folks chose this place

Watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter after dinner and at one moment i really thought Abraham Lincoln was once a vampire slayer until Love told me the movie is not real life documentary -_-

Lei Garden Restaurant (Chijmes)

Visited Lei Garden at Chijmes for lunch with Love’s family.
Love’s family would head out for lunch almost every Sunday, so i get to eat good food always =P
Previous few weeks was at 112 Katong Mall’s Canton Paradise. The food are pretty good, so we kept going back, but got sick of it and decided to try Lei’s this week.

My first time stepping into Chijmes although i’ve heard about it and even walked pass it several times.

I like the waiting area decoration

We had an abalone each…

hahaha! just kidding..$328++ each lei, strike toto meh!

Love’s sis and my all-time-favorite dish, custard bun, although this looks like NTUC’s chocolate man tou.

Ee fu mee, i still prefer Canton Paradise’s

This is a must try dish! Best of all, sliced fish with toufu, both melts in your mouth.

Dessert was pretty unique, apricot soup dotted with crunchy sagos, i’m not really an apricot fan.

Well, i’m thinking if i should visit Lei again, because i felt that the pricing was a little on the high side while the food standard was just mediocre. Although the service was pretty commendable, i accidentally dropped one of my chopsticks on the floor and while preparing myself to pick it up, a waitress has already gotten a new pair for me, super efficient! Hope that the pricing will be adjusted lower, i wouldn’t mind visiting for the second time!