Flea @ Lucky Plaza

This has got to be the worst flea i have ever participated in. Ever since the flea organizer moved from Scape to Lucky Plaza, we had no choice but to follow suit and business has not been as good as what we had at Scape. Heard that the lease is off between Scape and the organizer due to different concept and direction of the flea, Scape does not allow selling of preloved items anymore.

Well, it’s my fourth flea at Lucky Plaza and i can say that each experience is getting from bad to worse. Our very first flea at Lucky Plaza was on a Saturday and that time we complained about getting no crowd (as the flea was relatively new at Lucky Plaza, furthermore on a Level 6.) and business was really bad, we didn’t manage to cover our rental cost. Thereafter, we found out from other booth owners that Sunday’s business is very good due to the off days of our foreign helpers.

So we decided to give it a try again and booked our second flea at Lucky Plaza on a Sunday. Sunday’s business is definitely much better, however the crowd demographics were different from Scape. At Scape, there were more local young customers while at Lucky Plaza, there are more foreign adult ladies (as seen from photo below).

From what i observed, the customers at Scape do not mind paying for quality and pretty designs, while customers at Lucky Plaza are more cost-conscious and would not pay for items >$5. Therefore, your items have to be really cheap (dirt cheap literately) to attract them. Dresses sold at Scape for $8 – $10 can only be sold at Lucky Plaza for $5 max, with the need to entertain further bargains.

So why do i say that this time round’s flea was the worst? The time stated on the opening hours of the booth is 1pm – 7pm. However, when we reached the place at 11.30am, the place was already crowded. We realized that most of the space were rented out to permanent stall owners, which results in tiny little spaces in the middle for all the temporary booth owners. We managed to find an empty booth right in the middle after combing the entire place while lugging our luggage and squeezing through the crowds.

The booth space given to us was horrible. It was not even enough for us to open up a luggage to empty our goods, not to say bending down without bumping onto other booth’s table or people. Luckily we didn’t bring a rack, there won’t be any space to set it up anyway. I still can’t forget the scene when Jas tried to open up her luggage on the table to empty her goods, a whole gang of customers rounded up the table and some even helped Jas unzip her luggage to take them out. I was totally squeezed out of the table. LOL

You might guess that we must have earned quite some amount, but you are so wrong! Despite selling a portion of our clothes, we did not manage to or barely cover our rental cost. The skyrocketed rental cost is also one reason why we want to boycott the flea. Sunday’s rental cost is typically higher than other days due to the crowd and it has been on the rise. The previous time i came was on November last year, it was $100 per day, this time it has increased to $120 and i saw that the coming September’s Sunday slot has already increased to $130! Rental cost at Scape was only around $55 if i’m remembered correctly.

Imagine the high rental cost + low profit earned from customers (i don’t even know if the word profit is suitable here since a typical clothes is sold at an average of only $2) + minimal booth space, it seems like we are being squeezed dry by the organizer and customers for their maximum benefit. Not forgetting the stuffiness and dustiness of the place, some of us had to wear on masks!

If you ask me, i would say, stop wasting your time and effort, forget about having a flea here even if you just want to clear away your unwanted goods. The effort of travelling, lugging your goods to Lucky Plaza and staying in a small, stuffy and dusty place the whole day to exchange for a few penny is really not worth it.

By the way, if you happen to know of fleas at other places selling preloved items with good business, please do share with me!

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CNY 2013

CNY this year was exceptionally quiet at my paternal grandma’s house. Seems like CNY without grandma is getting worse as years passed.
Reunion dinner used to open 3 tables (2 for Adults, 1 for Children) in restaurant but this year shrank to just 1.
Some were not intending to come, while some will only be coming the following day.

My family’s plan is to stay on the reunion day and set off to my maternal grandma’s house the next day and come back again on the fourth day for a stopover before heading back to Singapore.

Kept ourselves entertained with fireworks and something new – 天灯 (Sky Lantern)

The atmosphere is totally different at my maternal grandma’s house. It’s still as noisy and lively with majority of the cousins and relatives coming together, with plus one new addition to the family this year!

The cheeky siblings never fail to be in my pictures every year.

The new addition – Jovenna

One of my relative family followed my family from Malaysia to Singapore for a short holiday, it’s been really long since they last came to Singapore and their main motive is to visit the newly opened attraction places like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore Flyer. It’s quite a waste that i have to work straight after the CNY public holidays, so i can’t join them along.

Well, back to office, the recreation committee has once again hired the “Cai Shen Ye” and “Lion Dance Troupe” to our office. The Account Managers were all trying to get the “Cai Shen Ye” to sit on their seats so they will “huat”!

We’re very impressed with this Lion Dance troupe, they really did a great job, especially arranging the mandarin oranges into a very nice Snake symbol and a few Chinese characters with 4 numbers.

“Lou Hei” with the girls at Chinatown’s hawker centre…huat ah! May the snake year be a prosperous and joyous year!

Rainie Yang’s Love Voyage Concert 2013

Thanks Steph for reserving her free tickets to us! Didn’t thought that i would attend Rainie’s concert although i like quite a number of her songs and watched her dramas.

Both Twinny and I were puzzled why no light sticks were sold during the concert, but we figured out a more cost saving way – download the free light sticks app on our phone and voila! We waved our phones throughout the whole concert, sadly, the crowd among us are not that enthusiastic, we can’t behave like some mad fans.

Bedok 85 after the concert and i swear something’s wrong with one of the dishes we ordered, i diarrhea-d the entire next two days. >.<

Steph’s Birthday

Met up with the girls after work to have a simple birthday celebration for Steph.

Settled our dinner at some Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese restaurant in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

I ordered one of their star dish – Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, which looks like Omelette rice, but sadly, it doesn’t suit my 重口味, only their Gyoza is nice enough.

The girls were talking about heading to Canele for it’s Macaroon after the meal but they didn’t know that I’ve bought the macaroons beforehand for Steph as birthday “cake”!

Gave Marimo (幸福草) as presents to both Steph & Jas whose birthday falls exactly one week after.



Some caring tips for Marimo


Welcoming the new year!

It’s a little (probably very) late to wish everyone now, i hope everyone has been surviving well and better than the previous year!

Some loves from my beloved colleagues on new year’s eve.

Personalized card, so sweet!

Chocolates and sweets!

This year’s countdown was with the girls, I’ve already lost count of the times and years we got together for countdown already, i remembered most of the countdowns we celebrated together and that also shows that we’re all getting older too, is that a good or a sad thing? haha!

Spent our first half of the night at Barber Shop, by Timber. Surprising there isn’t any crowd at Barber Shop, whereas a long queue was seen at Timber@The Arts House which was just a few steps away. Probably nobody knows that Barber Shop is also under Timber Group and also the fact that it’s located inside the building which is not so prominent.

Our initial plan was to stay at Barber Shop throughout for countdown, but we didn’t really enjoy the band so we decided to hop to another venue.

Second half of the night was spent sitting on the bridge anticipating for the spectacular view of New Year fireworks!

We’re so lucky to have found a nice and comfortable position to watch the fireworks, next time we know where to get ourselves seated. hahaha!

Isn’t this pretty?

After fireworks, we went IndoChine to indulge in some white wine which everyone has been anticipating for the night, although no matter how, i still does not know how to appreciate wine. Cheers! May 2013 be a better year for us!