Twinny’s Birthday @ Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant

Honored that Twinny saved her actual birthday to meet us for a simple celebration! The birthday girl wanted to have Korea food for dinner, so we decided on the highly raved Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant at Amara Hotel. The seats weren’t really alot and we spotted quite a few Korean and Japanese dining there, so the food could be really authentic!

As usual there are plates of small side dishes to start with and some are not that commonly seen in other Korea restaurants that I’ve eaten like the cold kimchi soup, my first time eating it and loved it, refreshing and cooling, it’s like a more watery version of kimchi. The kimchi pancakes was also one of my favorite and we did ordered another main pancake dish which was equally good. Btw, if you are curious, all side dishes are free flow, just tell the waitress which one you would like to refill.

We also ordered Kimchi toufu soup and Dokbokki, Korea rice cake (Steph’s favorite).

The dishes were all pretty pricey i would say, especially the meat. The main aim of coming was BBQ, but it seems like the meat was too expensive to order.

Therefore, we only ordered two different types of meat – Gochujang-Samgyeopsal, spicy bbq sliced pork belly ($24 for 200g) which was only 4 slices and Doaeji-Bulgogi, marinated bbq pork ($22 for 200g) above picture for rough gauge. The meat was cooked in front of us by the waitress , so we didn’t managed to BBQ them ourselves, but of course the meat was nicely cooked and the marinated sauces made the meat really delicious. How i wish the meat weren’t so pricy so we could order more, but still, with all the other dishes and side dishes, we were full enough.

Happy Birthday Twinny! Welcome to the mid twenties club.

Each of us paid $30 for the bill, which was quite acceptable for Korea food. Don’t forget to pose for a photo with the gigantic drum at the entrance of the restaurant!

2nd flea @ Scape Level 4

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Here we are at Scape Level 4 for the second time to earn some extra money and at the same time clear our piles of pre-loved clothes and unused beauty products. This time round was sharing the stall with Steph and Jas. Twinny just had another round of flea the week before ours. With 3 people sharing the cost of 1 stall ($55), it’s definitely easier to recover the cost price and earn more profit!

Based on my first experience, since many “choped” the stalls way before the official 1pm start time, Steph and Jas went earlier to get a good stall location. We still like the previous location we had and were lucky to get our favorite spot, the best part was that we had an empty stall beside us and we sort of occupy it like ours. I hope the organizer don’t see this post :X

As usual, Love brought his rack over for us and we were so lucky that his rack is very steady pom pi pi because the rack from the stall beside us kept giving way and poor Jas was hit by it not once, but umpteen times. 3 of us were very enthusiastic in selling away our products, but right after knowing that we have recovered our cost price and earned some profit, we slacked all the way till the end. 3 persons sharing the cost of the stall really puts us in much more relaxed mode.

As you can see, i was too busy slacking away till i did not took any photos (all photos were grabbed from the girls’ Facebook) haha! The day ended happily with all of us earning some good money. I had a profit of more than $60, too slack that i don’t really bother to count haha! Jas earned more than a hundred bucks! This time round i didn’t sold as much quantity of clothes, and yet earned almost the same amount as previously, that’s because i insisted of not selling my clothes at too dirt cheap prices. Lowest at $3 each, previously could be as low as $1! It seems like i’m getting the hang of selling? muahaha!

I can now proudly cross off one of my resolution item – Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit! Since my flea experience is a success, I’ll be considering to do at least 2 fleas each year, look out for my next flea next year!

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犀利人妻 The Fierce Wife Final Episode

When it comes to a Chinese movie, usually i would give it a miss as it’s usually not as worth as watching movies like The Avengers or something where we go for the sound and advanced technology effects. However, this time is exceptional, i even asked my girl friends if they are keen to watch with me as i know Love would not be really interested, moreover, this movie would be more appreciated if you have watched the drama series.

Surprisingly Jas and Steph have watched the drama series and are both interested to watch the final episode movie as well! We decided to catch the movie on Monday after work at Jurong Point. Had a quick dinner at Mos Burger before the movie starts.

I would recommend that you watch the drama series before you head down to watch the movie, but do be fast to watch finish before the movie is brought down.

The movie didn’t really disappoint, some emotional scenes and really funny ones, a good and happy ending which i think most of the girls would hope it would end it that way.

and did i say Sonia Sui is really pretty?

I think it’s the first time the girls meet on a Monday after work to watch a movie, definitely beats the monday blues with the awesome movie.

"經過這段旅程 我終於明白 戀愛沒有保鮮期 婚姻也沒有保固期 但是 這不代表 我們不能把握當下的幸福 原來 只要張開雙手 就能擁抱天空喔"– 犀利人妻

Girls Night Out

If i’m not wrong, the last time four of us get together was the impromptu Shuffle night which was during June, and 3 months has passed, that’s so fast!

But thanks to the advanced technology, we are now chatting on Whatsapp almost daily, updating on our lives and rants, so it doesn’t feel like we didn’t meet for a long time. As and when, we do meet out, just that probably one of us can’t make it for the day.

Met up for dinner and shopping at Bugis+

Camwhoring at toilet is the easiest with mirror reflections

Coincidentally three of us wore black haha!

Amici – Italian Restaurant

Met up with the girls after work for a chill at Holland Village, it has been quite some time i last visited since my office moved.
Initial plan was to head to Wala-Wala, but decided on a quieter place so we can do some chit-chatting.
Chose Amici as the place sells both food and alcohols.

We sat at the air conditioned area far from the open kitchen as the moment we stepped in the open kitchen area, although the environment is pretty romantic with dim lights and candle lights but the smell is really too overwhelming.

We ordered food for sharing

Pizza ai salsiccia

Spaghetti aglio olio e funghi

Spaghetti alle vongole – this dish surprise us with a plate that has more fresh clams than the spaghetti!

Their award-winning tiramisu, pretty good, slightly pricier for a small portion

Just when we thought that the service was pretty welcoming, one of the staff came to clear our plates (obviously we weren’t finished yet) but i bet his real intention was to chase us out as he told us that we were here for pretty long time, ok to be fair, Steph and I were there since 6.30pm, but Jas reached around 7+pm and we were there for two hours, fine if there’s a long queue outside the restaurant and the restaurant is already full, but there were obviously tables around us which were not occupied and there isn’t a single person outside queuing!

Since the guy is clear on his stand, so we just let him clear our plates away even though we would want to finish the food up.

Then we decided to bill and get off since we were “chased out” right in front of our face, how thick skin can we get right?

Well lucky we are still able to chill our day away at Cold Rock!

Went to search online for the restaurant’s review and surprisingly that most people complained about their poor service, oh wells..