I’m back!

As if time just zoomed pass, the last post i blogged about was way back more than a year ago! I did log in once in a while and wanted to blog a post, but i don’t know where to start with. I’m also really surprised that there are still visitors to my blog everyday and even returning visitors. Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And guess which is my most “popular” post? It’s the post regarding My Hair Loss Problem! Seems like many people are experiencing hair loss huh! Just a little update on my hair loss, i have stopped going to Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment since last year. Not because it has lost it’s effect, but i feel my hair loss is at a cope-able level now. Now when i run through my hair, no hair drop anymore!

Just a quick update of my life recently, many things happened within the past 1 year, but i am much more looking forward to the upcoming months – important milestones such as keys collection to our BTO flat at the end of the month (yes! it’s completed after a long 3+ years wait!) and our wedding at the end of the year! Have been busy preparing for our wedding for the past 3 months – sourcing for venue, bridal and services, photoshoot and more, every thing was a great experience and i would love to post them up so i can refer back for memories as well as to provide you guys some useful tips which we learnt along the way.

After settling with the wedding preparations, we will be busy with the renovations of the house. Although our keys collection is just 1+ week away, we have not started sourcing for IDs nor contractors. We thought we should get the keys, step into the empty shell and visualize how the renovations should be before we engage any IDs or contractors. Anyway, we are not in a hurry to move in, so we shall take our own sweet time to build our love nest. 😉

I’ll definitely be back to blog more frequently on our wedding and renovation progress, promise!

14th storey and counting

Updates on my new flat:

28th June

Currently at 12th storey

Progress seems to have slowed down, supposed to be at 13th storey this month based on 1 storey completion every 2 weeks. Fellow neighbors speculate the slow progress due to haze. On another note, those completed blocks have started on painting!

26th July

Currently at 14th storey

Progress has slowed down, i guess it’s going to be 1 storey completion every month instead.

One of the block had their internal paintings completed, that’s really fast! Some of our neighbors are already starting to look for ID/Contractors for the renovation and exchanging quotation prices. *gasps*

We’re also finally “seen” on the map. Heard that there’s a bus stop right at our block, i hope it’s true, it will be soo convenient!

11th storey and counting

Updates on my new flat:

26th April
Completed 9th storey, preparing for 10th storey

24th May
Completed 11th storey, preparing for 12th storey

You can see that our carpark is almost done up with the paint coating, left the garden top to be furnished. For those faster  progress flats, some have already completed the full 17th storey and the good news for them:

Their Probable Completion Date is revised earlier from Q3 2014 to Q2 2014! Meanwhile the rest of us are still eagerly waiting for HDB to revise ours as well, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Previously, i posted a video on the Tampines Town Hub which is slated to complete in 2016. On 11th May 2013, it was the ground breaking ceremony! The design of Tampines Town Hub was shared with the Tampines residents and here’s a video of it, got me looking forward to it again!

6th storey and counting

Hello all! I can’t believe that this is my first post of the year and it’s already March! *gasps*
Blame it on my laziness and endless procrastination 🙁 I swear i’m going to post up all the outdated post as soon as possible, so do keep coming back!

Just a little update on my new flat:

Feb 22
Completed 5th storey on February, preparing for 6th storey

March 3
Completed 6th storey on March, preparing for 7th storey

Seems like the progress is on average 2 weeks for 1 storey? Which means 20 more weeks (5 more months ~ July) to finish building our block of 17 storeys!
Lets wait patiently 🙂

3rd storey finally

It has been quite long since i last updated when my flat was still building the foundations. Through our fellow future neighbor’s update in November, our flat was at the 3rd storey.

I guess by now it should be at the 4th or 5th storey.

Some recent updates at the estate. The new road from Tampines Bus Interchange to our area was opened.

With this new road, it just takes an 8 minutes walk from the bus interchange to reach our home!

Some say this is a road divider between our HDB and the DBSS & ECs. Recently this CityLife Tampines Executive Condominium which was also relatively near our HDB was launched and where the $2.05 million penthouse was sold within 2 hours.

In fact, we are all surrounded by expensive projects like EC and DBSS but for the same area, we are paying at 1/2 to 1/3 of what they are paying, truly felt very blessed about this. Not forgetting we all can enjoy the same facilities in the neighborhood with the new Downtown line that is building and Tampines Town Hub.

Take a look at this video to see how Tampines will become the first integrated lifestyle destination in the Singapore heartlands which brings retail, sports, as well as other community and civil services together under one roof. We are so looking forward to that in 2016!