Back to counting 1

In my previous post, i said that our flat development has built to the third storey, but after our helpful future neighbors helped to point out the individual blocks, then i realized that our flat was not among the others which has been built to the third storey. The first floor was not even built.

Ok, let’s start our counting all over again.

3rd storey and counting…

It’s been a while since our last visit to the construction site to have an on-site peek on the latest development.
The last time we went, i think they were still building the base foundation, the rest of the updates were provided by future neighbors in the Facebook group.

Although ours as compared to the DBSS next to us – Central8 which started building around the same period as ours, was already at the 3rd storey since May, but I would say that personally, i felt that the progress of the flat is already fast enough.

We signed the agreement for lease during October last year, and barely a year, the base foundation is done and it’s building the third storey already!

Photos grabbed from Tampines Greenleaf FB Group

I can’t really figure out which one is our block, although some of the future neighbors are able to recognize.

There’s this contradicting thinking somehow; i wish that the completion date would come fast so that we can start to plan and design a house that is called our own. Pretty excited and looking forward to that, but at the same time, i wish that the completion date would not come so fast as it would mean that we would need to wipe out all our CPF money…and all the expenses that comes with it, furniture costs, renovation costs…all our hard earned money T.T…

and not forgetting we need to produce evidence of marriage upon keys collection and we have to get married within half year after keys collection…all comes into my mind is, money, money and more money…sigh…living in Singapore is definitely not easy especially for people like us in this stage of life.

Well, on a brighter side, i’m still looking forward to the completion date, more updates on the progress, promise!

HDB Signing the Agreement for Lease

Going down to HDB to sign the agreement for lease is like going down to ROM, ready to sign the marriage registry certificate. You have to be very sure that you have answered all the questions and this is your last chance to backout before you lose any money.

No wonder Singaporean Men uses this as a proposal excuse, 烂透了. I really think Men who brushes proposal aside is not a gentlemen, someone who only cares about their thick skin and ego, sacrificing their partner’s bliss. Even though some girls claimed that they do not need a proposal, but which stupid guy believes in them?

I do believe that some might just want a simple proposal, but definitely not NONE. Proposal, to me is like an official phase where both parties agree to move on to the next level in the relationship, at least it gives a firm affirmation, not like “there or not there” kind of feeling. And yes, i have already told Love that a proposal is a MUST. LOL!

Ok, proposal aside, the whole signing process is super fast (abt 10 mins), just sign, sign, sign and most of the things, the officer said we only need to make decisions (e.g. loan period) the next time we come down, which is till the keys collection period!

The only thing we have to decide on the spot is each party’s $ contribution percentage, and we took a 50-50. Although i know nuts about Law, but I think girls should strive to contribute at least a 50% if they are able to, so in any case of ownership dispute, there’s a proof that you do contribute in the flat payment.

We had to make a first 5% down payment of the flat and within that few minutes, our CPF decrease about 11+K each!

Total amount we paid with our CPF, if your CPF does not have sufficient amount, i think you will have to prepare cash.

I guess the next time we would need to head down HDB would be in a few years time till the flat is completed and ready for keys collection. It’s like magic throughout the whole process of owning a house.

Oh and we found our future neighbors community in Facebook! Really nice to anticipate together on our new home, i shall post some updates about the flat development soon!

HDB Flat Selection

It was a Tuesday, we had to apply for a half day leave for the flat selection appointment. Pretty excited but yet feeling jittery because any moment, our desired flat unit could be taken up by the people who are ahead of our ballot queue number.

Although our queue number 105 is already the first half batch among the 384 4-room units, but since the flat selection period started, we have been monitoring closely on our desired units.

If you have no clues about how to select “the best” unit like us, you may wish to visit this site. We’ve gotten quite some pointers from this author here, he even drew out the sun and wind direction with very detailed analysis which provides us a better view while making decisions.

After much discussion, we shortlisted three blocks and each day when we logged into the HDB’s flat unit balance system, one by one, the desired units in the first two shortlisted blocks were taken. When it was our turn that day, the first two shortlisted blocks left 6th storey units and below, leaving us to either choose our last choice of blocks or the first two desired blocks but at lower level. We decided to take our last choice (thou it’s our last choice but i believe it’s still one of the best among others so i shall not complain much) as we prefer higher floors. Till now, i’m still very thankful that we made the right decision of having the higher storey, no regrets!

When we reached the HDB, we proceed to the Sales Display Area where they displayed the 3D models of the current BTO flats.

Here’s our Tampines Greenleaf!

I would recommend that you head down to take a look at the 3D models as part of your shortlisting process as it looks more realistic to visualize how the area / surrounding looks like.

You will also be able to take a look at the sample display wooden door and tiles for your floor.

We didn’t take up the door and tiles option as
1) we do not really like the design ( i prefer glossy tile finishes but the one (and only one) selection which we were given was matt)
2) we have not conceptualize our interior design yet, so if we happen to take up the option, what happens if it does not suit our desired design? We’ll have to knock away (which requires more money) and redo the tiles.
3) most importantly, we felt that with amount of money paid for the finishes, we can find contractors outside with even wider range of design to choose from. (Don’t forget if you purchase the option, the total amount will be added into your flat cost which cost even more with the compound interest!)

Just some tips, but of course, you may take up the option if you find it a hassle to look for contractors and you can live with the design 😉
When it’s our turn, we saw this funny note at the officer desk

the whole process was quite fast, alot of signing of papers for both of us and we have to pay a $2K Option Fee which will be reimburse to us if we have enough money in our CPF for the down payment.

and tadah! we got our desired unit, happy us!

Questions to ask yourselves before going for flat selection

Love and I decided to take up a health screening package at Raffles Medical.
To be honest, one of the reason is because since we’re going for the flat selection soon and before we really commit to sign and pay for the deposit, we believe that it’s better for both of us to take a health screening test before we make the decision to go ahead.

Being a safe couple, there are many things which we need to discuss and communicate properly. If you and your significant other have not sit down and discuss the following questions, i would suggest you do so soon to prevent any conflicts in the future.

  1. Are we willing to commit to each other for the rest of our lives living together? Your answer should be a firm YES.
  2. Are you able to stand each other’s bad living habits (e.g. bad snoring, dumping clothes on the floor, brushing of teeth only after breakfast etc) if you’re unable to list down at least two of their bad habits, it’s either your partner is almost perfect or shows that both of you are not ready yet, which probably the latter has a higher probability
  3. Do you intend to have kids and how many? Some girls doesn’t want to give birth, probably they do not like children or fear of pain / losing of figure etc. If you are a kids lover but your partner doesn’t, both of you should talk.
  4. Financial. What happens if one of you is not working / out of job, is the other one able to sustain the current lifestyle with the house loans and bills to pay? Both of you should do the sums and work this out, take the highest indicative price of the flat as a gauge.
  5. Health. What happens if you found out that your significant other is HIV positive or some slow terminal illness, are you ready to commit and take care of them for the rest of your life?
  6. Know your partner’s priorities in life. If your partner has the same first priority as you, probably there’s lesser problem, but if the priority is different, you might want to re-look into it. (e.g. your first priority is family members while your partner’s could be friends or work. This could be a root to possible arguments in the future.)
  7. Even currently, stuffs which seems minor such as decoration of house, upbringing of children and whether parents will be staying in together etc should be roughly discussed so you know that both of you are heading to the same direction.

In the first place, all these questions should have been placed on the table even before both of you decides to ballot for a flat. Most Singaporeans, including ourselves, we wait till we have successfully ballot for a queue number first before we think. Probably the mindset Singaporean couples have is, since the waiting time for a flat is 3 – 5 years time, “ballot and take the flat first then think about it when the flat comes in 5 years time lah!”

Seriously, this is not a kidding matter, i know of many couples they either do not think too much or they think that this is not a necessary and just proceed with the flat then they have conflicts and need to cancel the flat order, forfeiting a huge amount of the deposit payment and not forgetting the number of chances for flat balloting has to start from zero again.

Well, some might say, if the both of you are not meant to be, both of you will not be together no matter what, true to some sense that some things are not within our control as much as we would like to, despite all our planning and discussions which seems favorable, we might still part our ways due to other factors in the future, but i say, for now, at least we tried.

Ok, enough of my nagging and back to our health screening. Both of us made an appointment and headed down to Raffles Medical One Marina Boulevard branch as there are female doctors available, i think they will try to assign you a female doctor if you are a female which is good, no embarrassing moments. I took the Raffles Lifestyle package and my doctor was Michelle Ng, she was very patient in explaining the procedures during examination.

The stool and urine collection part was funny, especially the stool, i couldn’t bring myself to produce any stool on that day, so they gave me the stool cassette to bring home and take my time to collect the stool and pass it to any Raffles Medical branch when i’m done. How convenient!

Love said that One Marina Boulevard branch has this special service where they give complimentary breakfast at the cafe opposite after our blood test, so thoughtful! The breakfast was surprisingly delicious as well! Our health report results will be out in two weeks time, so we’ll have to head back in two weeks.

After our health screening, we went to search for this cake shop which is highly raved for their swiss rolls.

Finally, under the scorching hot sun, we managed to find Rich & Good Cake Shop! Only takeaways, no dine in.

The swiss rolls are longer in length as compared to the usual normal ones.

We bought three different flavors: Durian, Kaya and Mango. Should have bought the Pandan one instead of Kaya, Kaya tasted normal thou. The swiss roll was really softer as compared to the normal ones, can give it a try if you are nearby!

Rich & Good Cake Shop 裕佳西饼店
24 Kandahar Street, Singapore