Welcoming the new year!

It’s a little (probably very) late to wish everyone now, i hope everyone has been surviving well and better than the previous year!

Some loves from my beloved colleagues on new year’s eve.

Personalized card, so sweet!

Chocolates and sweets!

This year’s countdown was with the girls, I’ve already lost count of the times and years we got together for countdown already, i remembered most of the countdowns we celebrated together and that also shows that we’re all getting older too, is that a good or a sad thing? haha!

Spent our first half of the night at Barber Shop, by Timber. Surprising there isn’t any crowd at Barber Shop, whereas a long queue was seen at Timber@The Arts House which was just a few steps away. Probably nobody knows that Barber Shop is also under Timber Group and also the fact that it’s located inside the building which is not so prominent.

Our initial plan was to stay at Barber Shop throughout for countdown, but we didn’t really enjoy the band so we decided to hop to another venue.

Second half of the night was spent sitting on the bridge anticipating for the spectacular view of New Year fireworks!

We’re so lucky to have found a nice and comfortable position to watch the fireworks, next time we know where to get ourselves seated. hahaha!

Isn’t this pretty?

After fireworks, we went IndoChine to indulge in some white wine which everyone has been anticipating for the night, although no matter how, i still does not know how to appreciate wine. Cheers! May 2013 be a better year for us!

3rd storey finally

It has been quite long since i last updated when my flat was still building the foundations. Through our fellow future neighbor’s update in November, our flat was at the 3rd storey.

I guess by now it should be at the 4th or 5th storey.

Some recent updates at the estate. The new road from Tampines Bus Interchange to our area was opened.

With this new road, it just takes an 8 minutes walk from the bus interchange to reach our home!

Some say this is a road divider between our HDB and the DBSS & ECs. Recently this CityLife Tampines Executive Condominium which was also relatively near our HDB was launched and where the $2.05 million penthouse was sold within 2 hours.

In fact, we are all surrounded by expensive projects like EC and DBSS but for the same area, we are paying at 1/2 to 1/3 of what they are paying, truly felt very blessed about this. Not forgetting we all can enjoy the same facilities in the neighborhood with the new Downtown line that is building and Tampines Town Hub.

Take a look at this video to see how Tampines will become the first integrated lifestyle destination in the Singapore heartlands which brings retail, sports, as well as other community and civil services together under one roof. We are so looking forward to that in 2016!

2nd flea @ Scape Level 4

Click to read my very first flea experience at Scape

Here we are at Scape Level 4 for the second time to earn some extra money and at the same time clear our piles of pre-loved clothes and unused beauty products. This time round was sharing the stall with Steph and Jas. Twinny just had another round of flea the week before ours. With 3 people sharing the cost of 1 stall ($55), it’s definitely easier to recover the cost price and earn more profit!

Based on my first experience, since many “choped” the stalls way before the official 1pm start time, Steph and Jas went earlier to get a good stall location. We still like the previous location we had and were lucky to get our favorite spot, the best part was that we had an empty stall beside us and we sort of occupy it like ours. I hope the organizer don’t see this post :X

As usual, Love brought his rack over for us and we were so lucky that his rack is very steady pom pi pi because the rack from the stall beside us kept giving way and poor Jas was hit by it not once, but umpteen times. 3 of us were very enthusiastic in selling away our products, but right after knowing that we have recovered our cost price and earned some profit, we slacked all the way till the end. 3 persons sharing the cost of the stall really puts us in much more relaxed mode.

As you can see, i was too busy slacking away till i did not took any photos (all photos were grabbed from the girls’ Facebook) haha! The day ended happily with all of us earning some good money. I had a profit of more than $60, too slack that i don’t really bother to count haha! Jas earned more than a hundred bucks! This time round i didn’t sold as much quantity of clothes, and yet earned almost the same amount as previously, that’s because i insisted of not selling my clothes at too dirt cheap prices. Lowest at $3 each, previously could be as low as $1! It seems like i’m getting the hang of selling? muahaha!

I can now proudly cross off one of my resolution item – Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit! Since my flea experience is a success, I’ll be considering to do at least 2 fleas each year, look out for my next flea next year!

Read my flea experience at Lucky Plaza

Uni Gathering @ Uncle Leong Seafood

The guys suggested a crab feast and so we decided on Uncle Leong Seafood at Punggol.

Our very first time there, the place was considered pretty ulu even the taxi uncle didn’t know that there’s such a happening place there, thanks to Google maps we didn’t get lost finding the place. The place gave us a laid back feeling, different from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are prawning and fishing activity, pubs and billiard/pool.

The guys ordered 4 different types of crabs and a few side dishes for a total of 6 of us, really a crab feast.

The Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (砂煲螃蟹米粉汤) is one of our favorite, for those who like thick milky broth, this is a must order.

Their signature dish – Shimmering Sand Crab Delight (金沙蟹), a thicker version of butter crab with oat toppings.

Crabs served at Uncle Leong are all really huge and succulent. If price is not an issue ($50/kg), you might probably want to try it out!

And as usual, booze is definitely a must for Uni gatherings, we spent the whole night away drinking and playing games at a pub nearby and wasted the next whole day sleeping our heads off.

Hua Yu Wee

Love’s family celebrated Love’s pre-birthday dinner at Hua Yu Wee. Love and I did not know of this place until Love’s dad drove us to this place.

The place reminds us of Malaysia’s style of “sze char”, it’s divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned seating. That day was raining heavily and yet there are still many customers, i can’t imagine how packed the place would be on good weathers.

One interesting observation: The waitresses are wearing SIA stewardess style uniform, even aunties.

Surprisingly, one of the best dish, only slightly oily, but the taste is good.

The mee sua could be mistaken for bee hoon from the onset, we even asked the waitress to verify if they have mistaken the order.

Most people come for their seafood and the chilli crab did not disappoint. The sauce is good, not sweet based. Crabs are very big and with lots of meat as well.

Deep Fried Buns are also our favorite! I’ll probably bring my family next time for their crabs!