Happy Fifth Anniversary, not.

14th May marks my fifth year in my current company.

Instead of the yearly celebration which my cliques (most of us came in around the same period) and i used to, this year was different.

If you noticed, the clique group has became smaller and smaller, people leaving the company one after another. I know that’s reality and it’s happening at every company. There’s no such thing as colleagues forever and there’s really nothing much we can do about it.

Two of our clique members will be leaving the company by end of June and that leaves the clique members number from six to four. 🙁

Apart from departure of clique members, there’s something about this fifth year anniversary that hit me, real hard even till now when i’m blogging about it.

Probably because suddenly i realized that i’m really turning 25 (mid twenties) already. I’m no longer young like Day 1 when i started work, back then i thought i still have plenty of time to figure out my life , i live my days with the flow, taking whatever that comes to me.

I still remembered people asking me (including my boss) what is my plan for the next 5 years or what’s my plan next. “I have no idea and i don’t have a plan.” that’s my answer. Now, i’m already in the “next 5 years” and this is where I am.

If you asked me during age 20, if i do see myself the way i am now, my answer is no.

However, i’m pretty glad that somehow it ended up well, thanks to my bosses and colleagues’ help that contributed to my current success.

Although everything is good at work, but personally, i felt that this shouldn’t be the way i live my life. I should start to take control of it. I need to define for myself what is important to me, what does success mean to me, know what i really want and have concrete plans to achieve it. I don’t wish to have my “next 5 years” going with the flow again.

I am having a hard time answering these questions to myself, but i believe that once i found my answers, change is definitely going to happen in my life from the day and i really anticipate to the change.

Do share your experience with me, i hope you can help me find my answers soon. =)

Happy New Year from Chicago! (Day 1 & Day 2)

This new year was pretty special for me as i got to travel out of Singapore, to a place with falling white snows!

It was considered a fully sponsored work trip, more of a yearly kick-off event at the company headquarters, so i was travelling with a couple of my colleagues too.

Most of us were first timers travelling to US, so we did quite some preparations especially clothing concerns, we have never been to cold countries before, we can’t imagine how cold it would be and had to consult those who went before. We had to figure out the culture differences, type of clothing they wear for business formal and business casual.

I bought most of my winter clothing from Uniqlo, just buy everything that is heat tech.

Stayed at Love’s house as his house is so much nearer to the airport and just when everyone finishes the new year countdown, i had to arrive at the terminal by 3.30am.

our flight, stop over at Hong Kong before proceeding to Chicago.

Excited on what’s coming next for us!

We sat United airline throughout, initially we thought the airline is of SIA standard, but we realized it’s probably just Tiger airline standard. I’ll whine about it later.

Transfer at Hong Kong airport, 6 hours of flight is still bearable for us.
The next flight is totally unbearable, although i slept throughout the journey, but that’s the only thing i could do (there’s no in-flight entertainment except the shared big screen at the front).

The seats were super cramp even for a small-built like me, i really pity those big-sized Americans who have to squeeze into the tiny seats for about 15 hours? I slept and woke up umpteen times, only to realize time has not pass fast enough and i am not going to land any time soon. It’s like when we look out of the window, sometimes it’s daylight, sometimes it’s night time, we couldn’t even figure out when was when already.

My butt hurts! Sitting at the window seat does not even help especially when i have to head to the toilet, the two person beside me have to stand up and get out of their seat so that i’m able to move out. Therefore, i had to control my water intake to ensure i don’t have to head to the toilet so many times, even though i’m super thirsty.

Speaking of thirsty, it’s very inconvenient that each time i had to press the button to order for a tiny cup of water and then wait for a long time before some steward walks pass to clear the cup, they should have designed a cup holder so we can close the seat tray.

can you see the ice? so pretty!

some in-flight snacks

the best in-flight beef cube ever eaten! Throughout the journey, i ordered beef dishes, all tasted pretty good.

and finally we reached Chicago O’hare airport! We quickly went out of the airport to have a feel of the cold temperature, super chilly, we talked with smoke coming out of our mouth! It was the first time we saw falling snows, the snows just started falling, we’re so lucky to catch that!

Headquarters had arranged for people to pick us up at the airport and to our hotel

Marriott Schaumburg

The company is super generous, one room for each and every one. I couldn’t figure out how am i suppose to utilize the other bed. Luckily we got connecting rooms, Janet’s room is right beside mine.

First and second day were free and easy while waiting for other colleagues from different countries to travel to Chicago.
Although we were pretty exhausted and jet-lag from the long ride, but we didn’t want to waste time resting, so we headed straight out to Chicago’s largest shopping mall, Woodfield Mall. The hotel provides complimentary ride there!

spot my Coach paperbag! We were really too exhausted to continue further.

Their shopping malls closed super early, 7pm! We had no choice but to head for dinner, most dining place were also closing soon, except a few, so in the end we decided on fast food. Their onion rings are super large, even Kok was wondering how we are able to finish it. In the end, we packed most of our orders back hotel and no one even touch them as all concussed after reaching hotel. hahaha!

After dinner, we headed out in the open to enjoy the snows…it was really too cold for me to take, i was shivering mad, i was the first to run indoors for warmth LOL!

Next posts, our full day free and easy..it’s really exciting!

Career Fair, Pan Pacific

Time flies, it just seems like yesterday we had our Career Fair event and in a blink of eyes, it’s already a year! Even more amazing that it’s already my fifth time attending.

This time, i suppose would also be my last time having the luxury of staying in the hotel, next year will be a whole new team (the juniors) handling the event while Agnes, Janet and I will retire. haha!

This time round, we had our stay at Pan Pacific, it’s even more convenient than Marina Mandarin as it’s sort of “connected” to Suntec, so we just have to cross the bridge over, while for Marina Mandarin, we have to jaywalk across a wide 4 lanes of road (i always heard screams when we’re trying to cross over) to reach Suntec Convention Hall.

beds for the three of us!

I love love love the bathroom! It’s really spacious with the option of either bathing in a bathtub or shower (separately on left). I don’t really like those where both the shower head and bathtub is together where you have to stand on the bathtub to shower, it’s usually quite dirty (or have dark marks) on the bathtub where the shower head area is. If you know what i mean.

I also have a bad habit of preferring the bathroom floors to be dry except the shower portion lah

Love the chair provided, good for weak and lazy people like me who likes to sit than stand to do my makeup.

Ever since the events team had this Special Interest Booth on Tarot Cards reading last year, we kept pestering them to bring the Tarot Cards Masters in again and they did! Love them so much! On first day of the event, most of our internal staffs are the customers hahaha! =X

This time round i asked about my family and career. I think i scared the Master as when she tried to explain the cards i picked, my tears kept rolling down. I don’t know what has got into me, perhaps she said things spot on which i had been refusing to let myself admit and i really felt helpless even though things are much beyond my control. The worse is, which is my largest concern, looking ahead, the situation is still going to remain as it is now. 🙁

Well, i believe tarot cards reading is only able to “predict” the upcoming 6 months the most, i just hope that things will turn for the better, i’ll be more than thankful.

Marina Mandarin, Tarot Cards

Recalling back, it’s actually the 4th year i’m attending, or rather, working at this company event at Suntec.
How time flies, the previous 3 years i was the IC for registration, this year, i’ve handed over to Janet and Agnes to do the work while i just oversee. LOL!
2nd year we stayed at Marina Mandarin, 3D2N, and i’m still loving the feeling of waking up late and just a minute of walk away to report for work!

This time round, nobody sleeps on the floor anymore!

clean toilets, i like! but i didn’t use the bath tub at all, i think their shower at the other corner is good enough!

the fantastic hotel view we have, how i wish there’s fireworks at that moment, it would be really spectacular!

There was this Special Interest booth at the event and one of it was Tarot Cards readings!
Was told by colleagues that it’s quite accurate and only for 10 bucks, so i headed for it.
Surprisingly, the waiting list consist many of our company’s people HAHA!

It started off with an analysis of your character using your birth date.
The master said that i have 2 kinds of personality, sometimes i like to be in a group and can be very talkative, contrary, sometimes i like to be alone and can be very quiet. People whom does not know me well will find me strange or might thought what have happened on the sudden change, but those who knows me well will think that it’s just me.

I’m an emotional person, someone who is controlled by emotion. (i used to think that i was someone controlled by brain more than emotion) The master said he can test by showing me a sad movie and standby a box of tissue paper, i’m bound to use it. True enough, i always cry at those sad movies!! but does that still proves that i’m an emotional person? hmmm… *still can’t accept the fact*

I’m good at hiding my true feelings, even though i’m very sad, unhappy or dislike the person, i can appear as though nothing happened and no one will notice it. The master says that as such, i’m very suitable for jobs which requires to handle and communicate with people such as customer service, teaching, coordinator kind. Which might be true under some circumstances e.g. work, but then, as much as i wanted to say, i don’t really like to interact with people much, especially putting on a fake front.

For tarot card reading, i was allowed to ask 2 questions. I asked about my career and my family.
The cards are able to read the Present (as of what i know) accurately, it’s the Future that i’m more concerned with and i’m glad that both cards are turning to the good side. Hopefully the Future is as accurate as the Present!

It’s the second time i had Tarot Card reading and i’m still quite amazed by how accurate it is. I’m still trying to figure out, whether it’s generally all Tarot Cards are that accurate or the accuracy is determined by the Master?