Happy 2012!

Time really flies fast, looking back at my 2011 resolutions, i realized i made a big mistake of making such a vague and broad resolution and – not only i have not overcome it, i realized i am still the same old me.

This time round i have made measurable resolutions *proud* and i hope i can cross them out one by one by end of 2012!

1) Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit
2) Save up for 2013 lasik surgery (est. 5K)
3) Travel to Bangkok with family (est. 2K)
4) Launch website portal
5) Complete at least 5 books
6) Provide family allowance of at least $250/month (est. 3K/yr)
7) Personal + Parent’s health checkup
8) Flu Vaccine for family
9) Complete Hepatitis A vaccine course

Let’s review it again by June 2012. Remind me!

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