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oh-my-god! I just have to share this, among many other traditional personality tests which i have taken previously such as DISC and MBTI, this is by far one of the most interesting and accurate test which provides results in concise paragraphs, pinpointing the important and crucial points which i have been long searching for to best describe myself!

Aiya! Just realized the photo is too small for viewing.

Here’s the result:

The Chess Master
The Chess Master brings confidence, vision, and effective communication to inspire and lead teams to success.

Assessment Feedback
You have good communication skills and like to use them to lead others. You can organize a team to take on a challenge, and inspire people to get on board and follow your vision. These are powerful gifts to bring to a work place. What makes you especially interesting, is the fact that you’re not really an extravert. In fact, being with people can completely exhaust you. Despite your ability to organize, persuade, and manage others, you desire — and even need — time alone.

When you get that time to re-charge, you can come across as confident and assertive, even energetic. Some people may see you as a risk-taker who’s able to see the big idea and move people toward it. While others may end up being responsible for carrying out your original vision, it’s you who provides the inspiration and influence to get it off the ground.

Obviously, it’s important that you continue to take care of yourself by finding time to be alone and re-fill your tank. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the needs and desires of the people around you. Don’t get so focused on your own ideas and visions that you neglect the concerns of others — or of yourself.

You’re a quiet and deliberate individualist who regularly forgoes loud parties in favor of relaxing at home with a project or a good movie. At work, you can be trusted to meticulously pick apart, examine, and find a solution to any problem. If you’re given a managerial position, it might be a challenge for you to reconcile your responsibilities with your social preference. We recommend that you give your employees a wide degree of autonomy with a hands-off management approach, rather than attempting to micromanage your team and creating unnecessary stress. Socially, we recommend that you spend most of your time with a group of close friends, since you find that meeting new people can be exhausting.


The being alone part is really true, i really need some time to be alone just doing my own stuffs (that includes blogging) and i really enjoy the me-time.

But i don’t see myself as a loner. (Even eating alone is something which i would definitely avoid at all cost, if there’s really no one to accompany me, i would rather not eat, seriously.)

I do enjoy people’s company and most of the time i listen more than i talk, when i don’t talk, it does not mean that i’m not interested, i might be very interested but probably i just don’t know what to say even thou i have alot of thinking in my head.

So sometimes i contradict myself, i want to be and get involved in a crowd but at times i just like to be in my own world.

This is actually the same prediction from the tarot card reading i had previously.

Getting too focused on my own ideas and vision could be a problem of myself, sometimes i just keep myself too occupied with my own work (which includes managing my own people) that i practically neglect the existence of other people. It is not that i do not care about others, i really do care but i think i just have to be not too focused on working on my stuffs and socialize more with others.

Well, enough of me. The purpose of this entry is just to share with everyone this amazing personality test: Tidepool go try it and let me know if it’s also as accurate for yourself!

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