Beauty Product Reviews

Ok, I just bought a new set of makeup – not because i have finished them but because of a heavy downpour. I was having lunch with Love at Clementi and suddenly it came a heavy downpour, so heavy that the drainage system could not handle and caused the areas around to be flooded. I was stucked in the building, sheltering from the rain, unable to walk out to the bus stop to take a bus back to office. After waiting for the rain to subside, i walked to the taxi stand and saw long queues, cab hotlines were all engaged.

I’m already running late for work and by the time i reached office, i think i will be late for at least an hour! Then i decided, since i brought my necessities (handphone & wallet) along with me, i shall just apply for an urgent half day leave, leave my belongings in the office and just continue to wait for a transport to bring me home and get ready to depart the next day to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. Since my makeup pouch is in the bag at office, i have to purchase a new set to bring along to Malaysia, so that’s the story of why i bought a new makeup set.

Well, a new makeup set means i get to try out different brands and products, that makes me a happy girl as well 😛


Some products are MUST-HAVE which i would not change until i found a better one such as my favorite liquid foundation – Revlon Colorstay


Heard good reviews about this, tried the tester in Watsons, it’s blends well easily and gives quite a heavy coverage, i like!
Update: This has successfully replaced my favorite M.A.C concealer, at cheaper price too!

Pressed Powder

Because i have just bought the powder foundation previously, so i thought of trying out pressed powder which has oil-control.
Update: As i recall, I think it doesn’t really controls oil as much and I’ve stopped using it.


Somehow this eyeliner feels the same as the Kiss Me Eyeliner with an ultra thin and smooth brush.

Eyebrow Pencil

Update: This has become my favorite eyebrow pencil! The shade is just right and it doesn’t gives a “hard” shading.


Bought it because it was one of the cheapest blusher and i used it before, but it doesn’t stay long though.

Rainie Yang’s Love Voyage Concert 2013

Thanks Steph for reserving her free tickets to us! Didn’t thought that i would attend Rainie’s concert although i like quite a number of her songs and watched her dramas.

Both Twinny and I were puzzled why no light sticks were sold during the concert, but we figured out a more cost saving way – download the free light sticks app on our phone and voila! We waved our phones throughout the whole concert, sadly, the crowd among us are not that enthusiastic, we can’t behave like some mad fans.

Bedok 85 after the concert and i swear something’s wrong with one of the dishes we ordered, i diarrhea-d the entire next two days. >.<

IT Team Lunch @ Penang Place

It’s been pretty long since our last team gathering so we had a simple lunch to kick start the year.
Penang Place @ Fusionopolis was a good choice as it’s not too far from our office and it’s buffet style! The guys can eat to their hearts content.

Food were generally good, Penang Char Kway Teow was our favorite and it runs out fast, luckily the staffs were quick in replenishing the foods as well. Most importantly, the price is affordable at $22.90++ per pax.

Steph’s Birthday

Met up with the girls after work to have a simple birthday celebration for Steph.

Settled our dinner at some Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese restaurant in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

I ordered one of their star dish – Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, which looks like Omelette rice, but sadly, it doesn’t suit my 重口味, only their Gyoza is nice enough.

The girls were talking about heading to Canele for it’s Macaroon after the meal but they didn’t know that I’ve bought the macaroons beforehand for Steph as birthday “cake”!

Gave Marimo (幸福草) as presents to both Steph & Jas whose birthday falls exactly one week after.



Some caring tips for Marimo


Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

One of the latest craze for west-siders is to flock over to the newly opened food court in Jurong Point – Malaysia Boleh located at level 3, which sells authentic Malaysia’s Street Food.

Although the food court has been opened since a few months ago, but the crowd has not died off, this shows that the food must be somewhat edible.
The most challenging part? To find a seat in the tiny food court. You will at least need another person to ‘chope’ seats for you, else forget about eating in.

I love the longan drink, drank up all by myself leaving not a single drop for Love. haha! It contains pieces of longan meat as well, i like!

Malaysia’s Bak Kut Teh is different from Singapore’s heavily black peppered Bak Kut Teh and there are also much more ingredients such as mushrooms and dried bean curd.

Chicken rice was so-so, chicken meat was normal but the chicken rice is quite fragrant.

Prawn noodle’s soup was too thick IMO

My mum used to fry these “nian gao” together with sweet potato and yam during Chinese New Year! Brings back the nostalgic taste!

Generally the foods are worth trying, prices are normal food court prices ranging around $3 – $6.
If you are bored of the usual food court dishes, you may want to try this out! We will be back to explore more!