Hua Yu Wee

Love’s family celebrated Love’s pre-birthday dinner at Hua Yu Wee. Love and I did not know of this place until Love’s dad drove us to this place. The place reminds us of Malaysia’s style of “sze char”, it’s divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned seating. That day was raining heavily and yet there are still many […]

Beauty Product Reviews

Here comes the cycle again. Whenever my foundation is used up, i always have the tendency to purchase a different brand to try out. You can say that probably i have not found my favorite foundation yet or, i would say, even if i found it, the cycle still continues because i have the “you […]

杜拉拉升职记 Go La La Go!

I think there are a few versions of this 杜拉拉升职记, the version i watched was the movie version starring Karen Mok and Stanley. There’s also another drama series version which Channel U is showing on, but the story line is slightly different and a different cast of actors. View the drama series here Personally, […]