Welcoming the new year!

It’s a little (probably very) late to wish everyone now, i hope everyone has been surviving well and better than the previous year!

Some loves from my beloved colleagues on new year’s eve.

Personalized card, so sweet!

Chocolates and sweets!

This year’s countdown was with the girls, I’ve already lost count of the times and years we got together for countdown already, i remembered most of the countdowns we celebrated together and that also shows that we’re all getting older too, is that a good or a sad thing? haha!

Spent our first half of the night at Barber Shop, by Timber. Surprising there isn’t any crowd at Barber Shop, whereas a long queue was seen at Timber@The Arts House which was just a few steps away. Probably nobody knows that Barber Shop is also under Timber Group and also the fact that it’s located inside the building which is not so prominent.

Our initial plan was to stay at Barber Shop throughout for countdown, but we didn’t really enjoy the band so we decided to hop to another venue.

Second half of the night was spent sitting on the bridge anticipating for the spectacular view of New Year fireworks!

We’re so lucky to have found a nice and comfortable position to watch the fireworks, next time we know where to get ourselves seated. hahaha!

Isn’t this pretty?

After fireworks, we went IndoChine to indulge in some white wine which everyone has been anticipating for the night, although no matter how, i still does not know how to appreciate wine. Cheers! May 2013 be a better year for us!

Uni Gathering @ Uncle Leong Seafood

The guys suggested a crab feast and so we decided on Uncle Leong Seafood at Punggol.

Our very first time there, the place was considered pretty ulu even the taxi uncle didn’t know that there’s such a happening place there, thanks to Google maps we didn’t get lost finding the place. The place gave us a laid back feeling, different from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are prawning and fishing activity, pubs and billiard/pool.

The guys ordered 4 different types of crabs and a few side dishes for a total of 6 of us, really a crab feast.

The Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (砂煲螃蟹米粉汤) is one of our favorite, for those who like thick milky broth, this is a must order.

Their signature dish – Shimmering Sand Crab Delight (金沙蟹), a thicker version of butter crab with oat toppings.

Crabs served at Uncle Leong are all really huge and succulent. If price is not an issue ($50/kg), you might probably want to try it out!

And as usual, booze is definitely a must for Uni gatherings, we spent the whole night away drinking and playing games at a pub nearby and wasted the next whole day sleeping our heads off.

Colleagues Farewell @ Shuffle

It was one of my clique’s last day in the company, never knew our separation would be that fast but well, i think i have come realization that there’s no such thing as forever colleagues.

we decided to travel back to the past where the old and happy memories were…Ghim Moh Market Food Centre! Our usual lunch venue when our offices were at Science Park I previously.
Listing our top favorite dishes:
1) Dong Feng Fa Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
2) Teochew Porridge
3) Carrot Cake (Black & White)
4) Ah Balling Peanut Soup
5) Vegetarian 米粉
6) Dry Mee Hoon Kuei
and don’t forget to order a glass of sugar cane juice!

Bought a farewell present for Zhu Ma, hope she likes it, haha purposely wrapped it in Barbie Doll wrapping paper to give her the false impression that i’m giving her a Barbie Doll, almost freaked her out.

Albums of photo memories… it’s really interesting to look back at all our photos and reminiscence the good o’ times although with a tinge of sadness that we used to be so young, and carefree with lesser responsibilities and worries.

ang bao from the rest of the colleagues

Zhu ma being 强吻

We had dinner at 313 The Hand Burger, we were a big bunch and stayed there for a pretty long time, was glad that the staffs did not chase us out even though there’s a long queue outside =X sorry for those who are waiting patiently outside.

The mushroom soup was pretty good, pretty thick with generous amount of mushroom bites. Burgers were huge, tasted average.

Flipping through the photos, there were some pretty amusing ones.

Took a bus over to clarke quay and decided to chill on Shuffle.

Shuffle was really packed on a Friday night, we didn’t made any reservations, so we had to wait outside, luckily they have tables and chairs for us to rest while waiting.

Ordered a tower of beer first while waiting for our table

and the real celebration begins…order another tower of beer with another four buckets of beer.

so does this mean i look cheena? lol

A group photo for the night!

The two colleagues who left the company this week 🙁

All the best in both of your future endeavors!

Girls night out @ Shuffle

Most of the time, when the four of us meet up, we would schedule a date but this day was pretty impromptu, we were whatsapping in group chat and just decided to meet up at night for a chill.

Went to Shuffle at Clark Quay. The previous time i went, wasn’t that crowded, probably that was on a weekday, but i was pretty amazed that it’s pretty crowded on weekends.

Ordered a bucket of Lychee Beer, my current favorite beer.

First time trying Truffle fries, i had been wanting to try it but didn’t get the chance, and i’m loving it! We also ordered a roasted duck pizza, the only disappointment was that they do not offer half/half combination where we can order two different pizza flavors.

It was a full house, luckily we came a little earlier.

The band was pretty good that night, awesome impromptu night out!

Hand-picked seashell from Maldives by Twinny, look at how white the shell is!

24th Birthday

Birthday celebrations were spread into different groups of important people of my life.

First was celebration for the Oct babies with the Batam gang.

Birthday lunch with the team, everyone came! *loved* Thanks for the treat!

Birthday dinner & chill with the girls, yj and Love.

Awesome night ever. We chatted from 7pm till almost 2am when the bar closes.

Korean BBQ which i had been craving for, with the cliques! Thanks for the treat!

I know i’m suaku, but i thought they gave us so big bottle of oil for the BBQ, which turns out to be green tea for drinking. LOL!

When the food came, everyone was busy taking photos

Just eating the side dishes is enough to fill the stomach

not forgetting to camwhore wherever we go

ok, one last photo

Lastly, simple dinner at Nandos with Dearie and thank you for the surprise present!

I wish every year’s birthday is spent just like this, together with my close ones, i’ll be more than happy!