CNY 2013

CNY this year was exceptionally quiet at my paternal grandma’s house. Seems like CNY without grandma is getting worse as years passed.
Reunion dinner used to open 3 tables (2 for Adults, 1 for Children) in restaurant but this year shrank to just 1.
Some were not intending to come, while some will only be coming the following day.

My family’s plan is to stay on the reunion day and set off to my maternal grandma’s house the next day and come back again on the fourth day for a stopover before heading back to Singapore.

Kept ourselves entertained with fireworks and something new – 天灯 (Sky Lantern)

The atmosphere is totally different at my maternal grandma’s house. It’s still as noisy and lively with majority of the cousins and relatives coming together, with plus one new addition to the family this year!

The cheeky siblings never fail to be in my pictures every year.

The new addition – Jovenna

One of my relative family followed my family from Malaysia to Singapore for a short holiday, it’s been really long since they last came to Singapore and their main motive is to visit the newly opened attraction places like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore Flyer. It’s quite a waste that i have to work straight after the CNY public holidays, so i can’t join them along.

Well, back to office, the recreation committee has once again hired the “Cai Shen Ye” and “Lion Dance Troupe” to our office. The Account Managers were all trying to get the “Cai Shen Ye” to sit on their seats so they will “huat”!

We’re very impressed with this Lion Dance troupe, they really did a great job, especially arranging the mandarin oranges into a very nice Snake symbol and a few Chinese characters with 4 numbers.

“Lou Hei” with the girls at Chinatown’s hawker centre…huat ah! May the snake year be a prosperous and joyous year!

CNY with colleagues

The usual clique decided to head down Chinatown’s Mouth Restaurant for CNY celebration dinner after work.

of course lou hei is the main dish we’re coming for for CNY

pok pok, everyone’s favourite

zhu ma with ah net!

this is damn funny, Keline is more attracted to the food than Kok!

Our company too had our annual CNY celebration, this time round at Mount Faber Safra, we booked one of the function room.

as usual, team building games

we were given red papers to form the characters 大吉大利 without scissors; winning team with the nicest formed characters

We also had a bingo game
Next, we were given raw materials: raddish, carrots, cucumber to form our creative dish of yu sheng.

this has gotta be the most disgusting yu sheng i ever saw. the jucies coming out from the ingredients when we grated them; basically we just dump everything we have grated into the dish and then we try to figure out how to decorate it.

our team’s creation. total failure. LOL

Other team’s yu sheng looks much more edible and presentable.

They even form a rabbit shape since it’s a rabbit year!

Although our yu sheng was a disaster, but our team managed to get a 2nd place, i think we won in the dressing portion where Pink clothes have more points than Reds, strangely.

Oh and if you read my post on the recent Company’s Dinner and Dance at Red Dot Brew House, the two red guys behind me are Ayumi and Maggie respectively. LOL!

CNY 2011

Chinese new year as usual, back to Malaysia for reunion dinner on my paternal and maternal side.
Sadly, this year’s reunion dinner grandma wasn’t able to join us as she’s wheelchair bound.
Every year i looked back my previous CNY post, it seems like grandma’s condition has been deteriorating…to a point where she’s suffering and just passing days to her very last breath. I really felt helpless.

Reunion dinner was at this Chinese restaurant, which i don’t find it pleasing in terms of the food and atmosphere.
Probably the smell of vinegar or what, the moment i stepped into the restaurant, the smell is yucks.

A photo with my cousin, i remembered he and another guy cousin used to dote and play with me when i was a little girl, but as we grow up, we become much distanced.

Me and the three sisters, we watch, play and grow up with each other 😉

It seems like time really changes people and everything.
When i recall back how CNY was celebrated when i was younger compared to the present, alot of things have changed.

I remembered playing with fireworks, heard firecrackers and chinese new year songs played at my grandma house, everyone is in a joyous mood, catching up with each other including adults and children but now it seems like everyone just went separate ways, instead of sleeping in, hanging around and gambling at my grandma house till midnight like it was back then, after the reunion dinner, everyone just went back to the hotel room to watch TV and sleep.

Perhaps children have now grown up and have their own circle of friends which they felt more bonded than cousins whom we see only once a year so everyone felt distanced. Well, i suppose this happens in most family in Singapore too? Everyone is busy leading their own circle of lives and only on occasions relatives get to come together.

One tradition our family never fails on every new year: Roasted suckling pig!

This is the only time i’m looking forward to, because everyone gathers around to eat and chit chat at the same time!

super love this pic, my cousins and the two naughty nephews! so cute!

2nd day of CNY is always traveling back to my maternal side.
I really prefer going to my maternal side, probably more cousins are around the same age as me so we hang out pretty well.

young cousins who make the house more lively

Princess Isabelle, never fails to pose for a photo

and the newest addition to the family – Prince Issac, busy watching TV. saw the scary eyes at the top left corner? naughty sister Isabelle trying to 抢镜头 LOL!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!