Uni Gathering @ Uncle Leong Seafood

The guys suggested a crab feast and so we decided on Uncle Leong Seafood at Punggol.

Our very first time there, the place was considered pretty ulu even the taxi uncle didn’t know that there’s such a happening place there, thanks to Google maps we didn’t get lost finding the place. The place gave us a laid back feeling, different from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are prawning and fishing activity, pubs and billiard/pool.

The guys ordered 4 different types of crabs and a few side dishes for a total of 6 of us, really a crab feast.

The Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (砂煲螃蟹米粉汤) is one of our favorite, for those who like thick milky broth, this is a must order.

Their signature dish – Shimmering Sand Crab Delight (金沙蟹), a thicker version of butter crab with oat toppings.

Crabs served at Uncle Leong are all really huge and succulent. If price is not an issue ($50/kg), you might probably want to try it out!

And as usual, booze is definitely a must for Uni gatherings, we spent the whole night away drinking and playing games at a pub nearby and wasted the next whole day sleeping our heads off.

Hua Yu Wee

Love’s family celebrated Love’s pre-birthday dinner at Hua Yu Wee. Love and I did not know of this place until Love’s dad drove us to this place.

The place reminds us of Malaysia’s style of “sze char”, it’s divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned seating. That day was raining heavily and yet there are still many customers, i can’t imagine how packed the place would be on good weathers.

One interesting observation: The waitresses are wearing SIA stewardess style uniform, even aunties.

Surprisingly, one of the best dish, only slightly oily, but the taste is good.

The mee sua could be mistaken for bee hoon from the onset, we even asked the waitress to verify if they have mistaken the order.

Most people come for their seafood and the chilli crab did not disappoint. The sauce is good, not sweet based. Crabs are very big and with lots of meat as well.

Deep Fried Buns are also our favorite! I’ll probably bring my family next time for their crabs!

Master Crab & Teo Heng

Still one of my favorite salted egg crab place, Master Crab.

My first time visit to Teo Heng KTV @ NUS Alumni, not a bad place for cheap KTVs as the rates are by room instead of per pax.

Drinks are self-service and not included in package. I like it that there’s not much service provided, you know the awkward moment when you’re singing and the waiter knocks on the door and come in.
Songs are pretty updated. (Both English and Chinese)

In the past, i used to frequent KBOX often, but ever since they kept raising the charges, i seldom visit KBOX anymore, now i found an alternative and would definitely visit Teo Heng again for it’s cheap rates!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (2nd visit)

I had a very good experience during my first visit to Imperial Treasure, so i decided to bring Love and my family on my second visit.

I had this craving for Peking Duck ever since the last visit, therefore Peking Duck is a must book in advance so i can satisfy my craving.

The Peking Duck did not disappoint, i love these first few slices which the chef sliced, best of the best!

It was the hairy crab harvesting season, and because my family members are crab-lovers, we ordered three hairy crabs. My first and last time ordering hairy crab because it is freaking expensive, small and doesn’t taste good. I was anticipating it to be the size of our normal crab, but it was much smaller and the worse, super expensive can!

Totally not worth it.

My dad and brother said that the quality of the hairy crab was not very good and it’s way over priced.

Another disappointing dish was Chicken with Yam, when the dish came, i thought i had ordered the wrong one because i couldn’t even find the yam cubes! I think they overheated the dish till the yams were dissolved and had a very yuckish yam and coconut milk smell.

We didn’t had much dishes as the total bill already costs us a whopping $300+! With such lousy quality of food, i would rather spend the 300 on seafood buffet feasts, seriously. Still thinking i should give it a last try for this restaurant.

Batam Trip

Love’s ex-colleagues clique decided to go on a Batam trip after several discussions.

Although Batam is considered the nearest island of Indonesia to Singapore, which is just one hour boat ride away from Harborfront Center, but it was my first time visit.
We booked a free & easy plus half day guided tour package. When we reached Batam, we were assigned to a tour bus with the tour guide to bring us around the different attractions.

There are a few attractions which we did not visit because we were not at least interested such as the temples, while others went to pray, our group went to the nearby stalls to eat =X Ondeh-ondeh is one of my favorite pastries, originated from the Peranakans.
We were also brought to a hotel (i guess it’s some 3 or 4 star hotel) for massage which was already included in the tour package.

Don’t be mistaken, it’s not those kind of atas (high-class) private room with pleasant soft music playing at the background. I’m surprised that when our tour group reached, there’s another tour group who came earlier than us but all of us were able to have a masseuse/masseur each without waiting. I wonder how many staffs were hired. Yeah and everyone were in a “hall”, each of us with a bed and a curtain for some privacy. You can literately hear most of others’ conversation while having your massage. I was a little concerned about the hygiene & cleanliness, but heck, since we are already here, don’t think so much.

That’s Esta with her gigantic shorts hahaha!
It was a Thai massage, at the end of the massage was super shiok, the masseuse managed to “crack” my neck which makes me felt relieved much!

We were given some ginger tea (my fav) after the massage

After massage, everyone was hungry, we were brought to the famous Golden Prawn 933 seafood restaurant

Upon entering, the fishy smell has already decreased my appetite by half, you can see that the waters around the restaurant where they rear the seafood are green in color, how can you expect their seafood to be fresh and clean?

While waiting for our dishes to be served

Just as expected, the seafood were of “low” quality and doesn’t really taste delicious, i didn’t ate much. Disappointing lunch, we never want to go back there again.

Next we were brought to watch the cultural tradition dance with some stunts like eating of glass, jumping over fire etc. We were bored much, youngsters don’t really enjoy such performances or appreciate it, but still, we did gave the performers some tips for their effort.

Then we were brought to a shop that sells Batam’s famous thousand layer cake, not sure if this particular shop is the famous one thou. I doubt so because the tour guide keeps promoting and “psycho-ing” us to buy. We didn’t bought any.

Then we proceed to our very anticipated famous Factory Outlet.

Which came as a huge disappointment. Their so called Factory Outlet was just a normal size shop?! I still imagined it to be huge, selling countless varieties of branded apparels. We finished “shopping” within a few minutes, there’s nothing to buy or even nice to begin with.

Next we finally got to a decent shopping mall, the guys were hungry so they went to have ayam penyet

while the girls went to do mani & pedicure!

The tour guide gave us about an hour free and easy to shop around the mall so we were rather time-tight. We asked the manicurist roughly how long it would take us to do both mani and pedi and she said around 45 minutes, so we agreed and went ahead.

In the end the whole process took almost an hour! #$%^&*
The guys were waiting patiently outside for us and the both of us were panicking that we couldn’t make it.
Lucky we managed to get to the meeting area in time and our group was not the last! *heng*

my first overseas manicure!
Our accommodation was at Harris Resort, i like the vibrant color of the resort, makes one feels happy.

The suite was really comfortable, with a mini living room
If you’re going to stay at Harris, I would suggest that you bring along some tidbits/maggie mee to eat at night because in order to travel to town, you will need to hire a cab and the cab cost freaking expensive! Even the minimart snacks at Harris are expensive.

We asked around the resort staff if there’s any places nearby where we can have our dinner with seafood, they were kind enough to recommend a really near place without costing much for a cab ride. I think we can even walk there ~10mins but because the streets were dark without much lamppost, we decided to take the cab. Please do not trust the staffs outside the resort whom helps to hire you a cab because when we asked them if there’s a place nearby that serves seafood, they said the nearest is the 933 seafood restaurant or town. (which obviously they earn commission out of it) *angry*

We ordered several dishes, probably famished from the deprive of good food for the whole day =X Finally we get to eat some decent and cheap seafood dishes!
After dinner, we went to the nearby mart and purchase a bottle of Vodka and tidbits for our later “night activity”.

All 5 them managed to bottoms up the whole bottle of Vodka!

and everyone was really tired, almost falling asleep before we decided to call it a day.

This drunk guy went to sleep earliest and he woke everyone up at freaking 6am! He got the meeting timing wrong! LOL!

Look at Love! He fall asleep when i finished bathing and he slept in this position throughout the whole night, causing him stiff neck the next day haha! He asked why i didn’t wake him up to correct his position, seriously i didn’t thought of waking him up =X

Breakfast buffet in the morning, not very sumptuous but still edible.
We had no programs planned for the day and we were really bored while waiting for our boarding time back to Singapore, so bored that we went to played the entertainment available in the resort.

We played two rounds of bowling and got bored. (photo bombed by Bryan)

Photo bombed by Kai

Finally two of us, but photo blurred lol

Me with my bowling ball

We even went to the extend of playing ping pong, the couples challenge. LOL!

Finally it’s time to check out and leave!!

Not forgetting a must-eat A&W treat before heading back to Singapore

Favorite root beer with ice-cream, waffles with ice-cream and fries!

Love and i shared and bought the whole box of Indo Mie back, it’s really cheap and delicious! Must buy!
We were so glad that this Batam trip is over, thankfully that we went with a group of great company, else the whole trip would be so much boring given the boring attractions and transport inconvenience. I guess i will not be stepping into Batam, not for at least these few years. LOL!