Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

One of the latest craze for west-siders is to flock over to the newly opened food court in Jurong Point – Malaysia Boleh located at level 3, which sells authentic Malaysia’s Street Food.

Although the food court has been opened since a few months ago, but the crowd has not died off, this shows that the food must be somewhat edible.
The most challenging part? To find a seat in the tiny food court. You will at least need another person to ‘chope’ seats for you, else forget about eating in.

I love the longan drink, drank up all by myself leaving not a single drop for Love. haha! It contains pieces of longan meat as well, i like!

Malaysia’s Bak Kut Teh is different from Singapore’s heavily black peppered Bak Kut Teh and there are also much more ingredients such as mushrooms and dried bean curd.

Chicken rice was so-so, chicken meat was normal but the chicken rice is quite fragrant.

Prawn noodle’s soup was too thick IMO

My mum used to fry these “nian gao” together with sweet potato and yam during Chinese New Year! Brings back the nostalgic taste!

Generally the foods are worth trying, prices are normal food court prices ranging around $3 – $6.
If you are bored of the usual food court dishes, you may want to try this out! We will be back to explore more!

[Food Review] Black Gold Cafe

Love knocked off late from work so we decided to settle our dinner nearby his office. Came across this cafe and decided to try out.
We ordered Set Dinner Menu B $48.00 nett– 4 course (with appetizer), btw, you can request for ala carte menu, don’t know why the service crew shows us their set menu only.

I don’t fancy bread roll with nuts, give me white bread and i would love it anytime – with salted butter. Yums.

Starter -Soup of the day (Creme of Mushroom) Very thick soup base, and lots of tiny mushroom bits, i drank up the soup in few seconds.

Appetizer – Half dozen Escargots stuffed in mushrooms served with garlic butter, although i don’t eat Escargots (in fact i don’t dare to try them, psychological barrier i guess), i actually thought this dish smells real nice, probably due to the mushrooms. Escargots were a tad small in size, probably because the shells were removed.

Main Course – Duck leg confit with apple sauce, served with pan fried potatoes & mushrooms. The first time i had Duck confit was at Orgo and i still prefer Orgo’s. This time round, the duck was slightly hard, difficult to chew and swallow.

Dessert – Warm chocolate pudding with lavender sauce & vanilla ice cream. I love warm chocolate pudding, however, doesn’t fancy lavender, without lavender, the dessert would be perfect.

Look at the oozing chocolate larva.. favorite part eating this.

Verdict: I don’t think i will step in again, although the service crew are nice, ambiance is good. But i wasn’t prepared to pay >$100 for a mediocre dinner for two at Tanjong Pagar.

Black Gold Cafe
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 081007
6226 0726