2013 Resolutions

After reviewing my 2012 resolutions, I have a better idea of how to construct my 2013 resolutions. Less is more.

Here are some items which i hope to complete by end of the year:

1) Save 5K and to use it for taking up self improvement courses

If you have known, Love and I are working in the IT industry, so we are more technically inclined and ever since we started Love At Sg, designing is always our headache. So i’ll be exploring to attend some Adobe courses like Photoshop & Illustrator for a start.

Personally i’m interested in photography and since we have just bought the Olympus PEN mini, i think i should make full use of it’s functions by attending some basic photography course.

2) Start investing

That’s the only way (for me currently) to earn money at a faster rate. Enough said.

3) Taiwan trip with family (est. 6K)

Super looking forward to this trip, i’m sure my family members will love Taiwan as I do!

4) Personal & Parent’s health checkup

I’ve been postponing this health checkup for the longest time and i think it’s critical. Prevention is better than cure.

Can’t think of any more now, but if there’s any i’ll be back to fill them up. I’m going to keep the list to 5 or 6 max.

2012 Resolutions Review

To recap, below are the list of resolutions for 2012

1) Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit

I actually had my first booth during May and second booth during Dec at Scape Level 4, earned more than $100 for both booths combined. I’m determined to carry on this flea next year as well as it gives me the chance to clear away my pre-loved clothes and purchase new ones!

2) Save up for 2013 lasik surgery (est. 5K)

Sad to say, i did not managed to save 5K this year 🙁

3) Travel to Bangkok with family (est. 2K)

First overseas holiday trip with the family, money well spent!

4) Launch website portal

After years of procrastination, Love and I managed to set up our own portal – Love At Sg, we hope we’ll have the determination to carry on our initiatives and be able to help like-minded couples in Singapore in a way or another.

5) Complete at least 5 books

I’m guilty of this resolution. If you say books, I definitely have bought 5 (or maybe more) but if you say read, I have only managed to complete 1. :X I’m restricting myself from purchasing anymore books until i have completed them. That’s hard as well okay. >.<

6) Provide family allowance of at least $250/month (est. 3K/yr)

I’m providing more than 2 times of the stated amount. Which is sort of linked to why i did not managed to meet my second resolution. :X

7) Personal + Parent’s health checkup
8) Flu Vaccine for family
9) Complete Hepatitis A vaccine course

Out of the 3 health resolutions, i only managed to complete one. But i did managed to start the course of cervical jab, which i’ll talk more about in another post.

5 out of 9 resolutions completed for year 2012. Not an impressive score but at least it did get my butt out to accomplish something. Maybe I shouldn’t be too greedy for 2013’s resolution list.

Happy 2012!

Time really flies fast, looking back at my 2011 resolutions, i realized i made a big mistake of making such a vague and broad resolution and – not only i have not overcome it, i realized i am still the same old me.

This time round i have made measurable resolutions *proud* and i hope i can cross them out one by one by end of 2012!

1) Organize at least 1 mini flea / booth to sell away clothes and earn at least $100 profit
2) Save up for 2013 lasik surgery (est. 5K)
3) Travel to Bangkok with family (est. 2K)
4) Launch website portal
5) Complete at least 5 books
6) Provide family allowance of at least $250/month (est. 3K/yr)
7) Personal + Parent’s health checkup
8) Flu Vaccine for family
9) Complete Hepatitis A vaccine course

Let’s review it again by June 2012. Remind me!

2010 closure

I have been procrastinating much about writing this entry.
Probably because i have been thinking and wondering what exactly i want and my direction of life before i come out with my list of resolution for the year.

I know i really want to have a different life.
Definitely a more challenging and motivated one.
Maybe doing something i have passion in?
I’ve kind of figured out where my passion lies but i’m not too sure.
And now money matters alot to me and my family.
Passion or Money?

After some self reflection, I realized i have this bad habit of <PROCRASTINATION> and <LAZINESS>.
It’s affecting my whole life!

Very bad.

I’ve been telling myself to complete tasks but even during weekends, i’ll just sleep my day away.
How i wish it’s like *tadah!* Tasks done after i woke up from sleep!
i bet i would have completed tons of tasks.

And it seems like my concentration level has deproved significantly. I get distracted easily (even when i’m typing this entry, i’ve went to check facebook, twitter, surf around multiple times and even a short nap in between). I wonder is it because of myself or something wrong with my health that i encounter fatigue and loss of concentration so easily, probably the former.

I figured that i have been too lenient to myself, after the tough schedule in 2009 which i had decided to give myself a break. Too lenient that i found myself losing the motivation to work hard or perhaps no definite goal for me to pursue anymore.


Sometimes there’s too many things on my mind, my mind is in a mess and i do hope i can get my mind to start thinking and get organized, at least get things i wanted to do settled ONE by ONE.

I’m glad that <3 is always there when i needed some good advice but i hate the fact that he’s always able to pinpoint my bad points and reprimand me. >:(
Well, nobody likes to hear bad stuffs about themselves, sometimes i get upset and demoralized, but nevertheless, it did trigger myself to think, reflect more and become a better person (at least a little bit).

And i guess for now, what i should do first is to be able to </PROCRASTINATION> and </LAZINESS>.

That should be able to solve one big hell problem of mine and my life.