Take a break?

Honestly, i have been hovering around this thinking recently a lot, like really A LOT.

Have been working in the same company for almost 8 years, i have definitely seen the company grow –  from a start-up to SME and now a MNC. The company has also seen me grow as a person and as a profession – from the long golden hair, loud Avril Lavigne -Girlfriend ringtone with short mini skirts ah lian to short dark toned hair, silent ringtone with decent knee-length office dresses, from a fresh graduate who have no significant experience in IT except for styling my own blog and don’t know for what reason (some say it’s due to the short mini skirt which i wore for interview) my boss decided to give me a chance as a Systems Analyst, to now an Assistant IT Manager – well, i never ever thought i would come this far and furthermore in an IT field. I truly want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, my boss, the senior management team, my teammates and fellow colleagues, for your recognition, guidance and support all these years. This time i’m sure it’s not because of any short mini skirt.

If I were to compare Day 1 I stepped into the company to now, i can say almost everything has changed. Things, processes, environment, people…basically every thing and especially the past 3 years ever since we were acquired. I won’t say that the changes have become for the better or for the worse as an overall, but it’s more of the way things are operated differently. I can say that everyone, including myself are adjusting to the change and trying very hard. Transition is never easy. There are many times i feel like giving up, but the senior management team never fail to catch me at the most appropriate time to provide me with the hope and listening ear. This i really appreciate.

I’m really devastated when the senior management team tendered their resignation one by one, they were the ones who founded and build the company from scratch, the ones whom i worked closely with and with respect. I knew they had a difficult decision to make, i still wish them the best and hope if there’s a chance, we can work together again.

Nevertheless, there have been thoughts, thoughts and ideas on my mind which i hope to fulfill, such as giving full attention and try a chance to run my own business to wild thoughts of travelling alone to a stranger country. Or maybe just take a break…

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