Valentines’ Day Dinner @ Shangri-la, The Line

The day started off with a morning surprise of a bouquet of flowers sent to my office despite my *NO FLOWERS* warnings.
I’m not a flower-fan nor do i know how to admire them, when i receive flowers, i simply take a look and chuck it off beside me and when i reached home, i’ll just put it in the fridge.

I’m quite a practical person, so i would prefer something more practical which i’m able to use or wear it everyday.
PS: i don’t mind money notes folded into flowers thou

Our 2nd year celebration for Valentine’s day and both occasions are met with obstacles.

Last year coincides with Chinese New Year, so we have to pre-celebrate it while this year, he is on reservist!!
Luckily, he’s able to book out for in the evening before rushing back to camp at 23:59.

Being a self-proclaimed romantic guy, he had everything planned beforehand.

A table reserved at Shangri-la’s The Line buffet where we can eat our hearts out.

The whole restaurant was romantically set-up with rose petals sprinkled on the floors and each table was given a complimentary stalk of rose!

Even the desserts are specially decorated with heart shapes!

What i remembered was i kept eating the Alaskan crab leg which was super thick, cold and SALTY! I like! Now i’m craving it as i type.

Oh! and the valentine buffet price (steeper than usual) includes unlimited flow of champagne!

Me with my bouquet of flowers

The damage on his pocket and yes, he drank Tiger beer again! =_=

And by the way, if you think the story ends nicely here, IT DOESN’T!!

While we were enjoying the buffet half way, my colleague called and said she doesn’t have the key to lock the office and i realized i’m the one who took the key the previous night and forgot to put it back!

So in the end, due to my carelessness, i had to rush back office after the dinner to lock the freaking office door!
<3 accompanied me before rushing back to his camp and both of us were so sad that we are unable to spend the night longer together =(

Nevertheless, i had a nice valentine's day celebration with <3, hopefully next year nothing goes in our way!!

Happy Valentines' Day everyone! Cheers!

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